Vauxhall Astra GTC gets new 1.6 diesel

11 Jul, 2014 10:20am Jordan Bishop

Vauxhall has fitted its new 1.6 CDTi diesel engine to the three-door Astra GTC, priced from £22,260

The Astra GTC is Vauxhall’s latest model to benefit from the new 1.6 CDTi diesel engine. When fitted to the three-door hatch in entry-level Sport trim it’s priced from £22,260 and is on sale now with deliveries expected from September.

Also available in Limited Edition and flagship SRi specs, the ‘Whisper Diesel’ engine replaces the old 1.7-litre CDTi unit, now offering up to 72.4mpg and emissions as low as 104g/km of CO2. 

Fitting the larger 20-inch alloys will impact these figures slightly, although Vauxhall still expects 68.9mpg and no more than 109g/km.  

Performance has received a small boost, too, with an additional 6bhp and 20Nm of torque resulting in a maximum total output of 134bhp and 320Nm. Unlike the outgoing 1.7 CDTi, only the 1.6-litre’s more powerful variant will be available in the GTC, with the 109bhp unit not making its way over from the standard Astra.

The Euro 6 emissions standards-compliant 1.6-litre CDTi features both Start/Stop tech and a braking energy recuperation system as standard, plus re-designed components, which Vauxhall claims helps balance “performance, refinement and economy.”

So far, as well as the Astra the new diesel has also made its way into the Meriva and Zafira Tourer