Daihatsu launches four new concept cars at the Tokyo Motor Show

Japanese manufacturer Daihatsu has released a raft of concepts at its home motor show this year, based on the theme of “gathering”

Daihatsu has launched four new “community-focussed” concepts at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show – an autonomous public transporter, a next-generation mini truck, a three-row people carrier, and a compact crossover. All four concepts have been designed as forms of transport that the maker says will support future Japanese lifestyles.

The first is called the Daihatsu IcoIco concept; a compact autonomous public transporter designed to offer first-mile and last-mile mobility. It features a retractable ramp, which Daihatsu says makes entry and exit easy for all passengers – especially wheelchair users and holidaymakers travelling with large items of luggage.

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Daihatsu’s IcoIco concept is small enough to fit down Tokyo’s narrow back streets. It also comes with its own artificially intelligent “care robot,” called Nipote, which the Japanese brand claims will offer verbal assistance for the concept’s passengers.

The Daihatsu TsumuTsumu is a compact pick-up, which takes its leave from the brand’s ubiquitous Hi-Jet kei truck. It features a pair of rear-hinged cab doors and a choice of load tray configurations, such as a mini campervan and an agricultural drone base, in addition to a conventional pick-up truck bed.

Next up is Daihatsu’s WaiWai concept; a three-row, six-seat people carrier designed to encourage its users to “go out and have fun.” Aimed at Japanese families of the future, it features a large sliding rear door, plenty of glass and a pair of retractable fabric sunroofs, which supposedly create a light and airy interior space.

The Japanese manufacturer’s final concept is a mini-crossover called the WakuWaku. Unlike Suzuki’s similarly named Tokyo concepts, the Daihatsu WakuWaku is a rugged, kei-sized SUV that boasts an unconventional boot and roof-mounted storage space. 

Daihatsu’s crossover concept is fitted with a split-folding, side-hinged tailgate and a flat load space instead of a conventional rear bench seat. The concept’s roof is also fitted with an integrated roof-box, which offers additional storage above the rear seats.

What do you make of Daihatsu’s Tokyo Motor Show concept cars? Let us know in the comments section below… 


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