BMW 1 Series Saloon considered

BMW 1 Series
20 Apr, 2013 8:10am Jack Rix

BMW could make a rival to the recently launched Audi A3 Saloon

BMW has revealed that a 1 Series Saloon is under consideration, following the launch of the rival Audi A3 Saloon at the Shanghai Motor Show.

If such a model does make production, it will enter BMW into the world’s biggest single segment, worth 5.5 million sales a year in China alone.

“BMW is never shy of new segments,” BMW sales and marketing boss, Ian Robertson told us. “There are no plans to do it at the moment, but do we want to do it? We’ll see…”

Building a 1 Series Saloon is just one option open to BMW, a saloon version of the MINI is another. “Making a MINI like this certainly wouldn’t be the norm, but then part of MINI’s appeal is not to be normal,” Robertson said.

If a MINI saloon was to make it to showroom it wouldn’t be aimed exclusively at the Chinese market, either.

“With a few minor exceptions, such as long-wheelbase BMWs in China, we make cars for the global market, and that applies to MINI, too,” Robertson added.

BMW is investing heavily in small cars, with a brand-new front-wheel drive platform that will underpin 20 new models (11 of which have already been approved, according to Robertson). The first to arrive will be the all-new MINI later this year, followed by a production version of the BMW Concept Active Tourer in early 2014 – the first ever front-wheel drive BMW.

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Looks like 333t. Why do you continue with these mock ups?

It looks just like the previous 3 series thats just been replaced but with the 1 series ugly front end & it probably is.

I thought the 1 Series Saloon is coming as the 2 Series?

2 series is the new 1 series coupe, just like the 4 series is the new 3 series coupe


All of these ugly little cars are for the Chinese markets.

Yes, there's no denying that the 1 series feels cheap to sit in, and it's ugly. However, it's real flaw is that it's a cramped & claustrophobic little car, so it will be interesting to see the dimensions of this saloon. If the saloon is bigger than the hatch, it may possibly be justified, hopefully providing more leg/head room & ease of access (but without doubt, this will be at the expense of load & practicality).

However, if it is not, then it's a mystery as to why anyone would choose this saloon (in fact any saloon, when an equivalent hatch back is available) - it just doesn't make sense. Also, if they do make it sufficiently big enough, then why choose a 1 series saloon?... if someone has to have a BMW saloon, then may as well go for the 3 series.