Focus RS to get 350bhp

6 Nov, 2012 12:06pm Nick Gibbs

The next-generation Ford Focus RS will get a new 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine when it arrives in 2014

Ford is set to up the ante on its next-generation Focus RS. Power is likely to come from a newly developed 2.3-litre four-cylinder EcoBoost engine – which could also power the 2015 Mustang – producing as much as 350bhp sent though a manual gearbox. That’s over 100bhp more than the new Focus ST and will drop the 0-60mph time below the magic five-second mark.

Ford’s European performance division, Team RS, has ruled out developing the 247bhp 2.0-litre EcoBoost from the new ST, as an increase in power would mean making the turbo bigger – and there’s a reluctance to do this.

“If it’s too big and capable of too much power, you lose bottom- end torque and response,” said Team RS powertrain engineering manager Len Urwin.

The RS will send power to the front wheels, as on the previous model. That made 300bhp from its five-cylinder turbo engine, but this time the RS could use a clever active limited slip differential – a so-called E-diff.

Said Unwin: “You could drop a mechanical diff in as we did with the old Focus RS, but an E-diff would take that a step forward in that you can really optimise traction in all situations.”

A manual is a certainty, but Ford is debating whether to also offer a dual-clutch auto version using its PowerShift technology. “There is a trend to go to dual clutch, but they are heavier,” said Chris Caven, calibration controls engineer at Team RS. “Whether we should have a manual and a PowerShift is still up for debate.”

With the price set to be around the same £25,000 mark as the last model, the stage is set for the new RS to humble performance cars costing twice its price when it arrives in early 2014.

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I guess emissions/mpg aren't going to be too much of a concern with this car but why not use the 2.0 with twin turbos to provide the power without the lag and avoid the larger capacity that way?

stop wasting your time with FWD, change it to 4WD like the escort cosworth, too much power on the front wheels is a waste, put them to the back or spread them evenly

Because a turbo has no effect on economy. You're still having to work the engine to get power so you're just burning more fuel

Could it be based on the old 2.3 turbo from Mazda mps cars? Drove the original Mazda 6 mps for a few days a few years back and was a fantastic engine (fwd admittedly) but easily capable of 300+ bhp. Made the most of the power and still got average 25mpg

The turbo itself has no effect, but using one with a smaller engine in replacement for a bigger naturally aspirated engine sheds a hell of a lot of g/km emissions.

The Mazda 6 MPS did have a 4WD system though, most of the time FWD but transferred 50% of the power to the rear when needed. The Mazda 3 was fully FWD but had something similar to the E-diff I think. It works well but only by actually cutting the torque in the lower gears and in tight turns so really all that power is being thrown away.

Crap article that is full of lies!!!

Shame it's such an UGLY car though. That guppy gapping mouth look went out with the old Peugeot's!

looks like a aston martin and 350-bhp but how fat will it go and FWD? its will corner sideways make it 3-WD

they arent making any more RS's, thats why we built the RS500. Nice artist impression though and something to keep people occupied.

Cannot wait for this! So much power and tech, wrapped up in one muscly looking car. I've even got time to start saving up!

Still utterly ugly.

it's funny why all you guys don't make the new RS if your all so much better at it like it sounds ....

It's a Brilliant Car just wait! :)

and why make a car that EVERYBODY else is making to!? make something special!

Give it AWD!!!

Why not just make a Tri-Turbo 350bhp DIESEL engine.
That will give it bottom end torque