Ford Focus ‘best-selling global vehicle nameplate’

Ford Focus
3 Jan, 2013 2:20pm Tom Phillips

The Ford Focus is set to become the world's best-selling car for 2012

The Ford Focus is set to become the "best-selling global vehicle nameplate" for 2012, based on the latest data projections from automotive data firm Polk.

Using figures to the end of September, Ford has sold 737,856 examples of the Focus globally, with Ford claiming that the car “is on track” to hold on to the number one global sales sport for 2012.

What’s more, Ford is also celebrating selling 2.2-million cars in the US in 2012, the second year in a row that it’s shifted more than two million cars Stateside. The Ford Fiesta is also set to become the best-selling B-segment car in the world for 2012 – selling 560,061 cars to September.

Ford’s success in the US and in emerging Asian markets is at odds with its European division, which has been forced to close its Transit plant in Southampton and Mondeo factory in Genk, Belgium.

However, the firm has claimed that its huge cuts to its European business, plus the arrival of new products like the EcoSport and Edge crossovers, and the all-new Mustang, will return Ford of Europe to profitability by 2015.