New Ford Focus 2014 revealed: exclusive pics, specs and details

4 Mar, 2014 10:55am Luke Madden

This facelifted new Ford Focus is at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show and will go on sale in July

A new facelifted Ford Focus has made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. With some changes to the look of the car, as well as upgrades to the in-car technology and interior, this new Ford Focus is ready to rival the latest Volkswagen Golf.

We've had the chance to sit in the passenger seat to get an idea of what the new car will be like, and put together a Ford Focus 2014 ride review.

It gets a release date of July 2014 and a price likely to be broadly similar to the current Ford Focus, along with familiar trim levels like Edge, Zetec and Titanium.

You might recognise the face of the new Ford Focus: it's just like that of the new Fiesta and the next Mondeo (is due in November), with the Aston Martin-like grille taking centre stage on Ford's newest range of models.

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The oversized triangular air intakes on the front bumper of the current Focus were a controversial design choice, so they are gone this time around. With elongated foglamps, which help add a bit of visual width, and a chrome trapezoidal five-bar grille, this one looks much classier. The headlights have been redesigned, too, and now have a slimmed-down, more modern look.

A fresh bonnet features much more obvious creases than the outgoing version, and there are two additional shades of blue to choose from, plus new alloy wheel designs. Yet while these additions are fairly subtle, you can’t fail to notice the improvement to the rear of the Focus.

Ford Focus 2014: hatch and estate

Both the five-door hatchback and the estate versions get new tail-lights. On the former, the rear lamps are smaller and look much better integrated into the design. The car appears wider at the back now, too, thanks to the crease that runs between each light across the new tailgate, and a revised rear bumper.

Ford Focus 2014 facelift estate front

Inside, Ford has worked hard to improve quality, right down to adding new matt grey plastic strakes in the air vents for a classier look. The most obvious change, though, is to the centre console. Gone are the tiny buttons that were tricky to use on the move. These have now been incorporated into an eight-inch touchscreen, with the remaining controls for the air-conditioning being redesigned and simplified.

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The multifunction steering wheel has been made a little simpler, too, and it now features three spokes instead of four. There’s the option of a heated wheel as well.

Between the seats you’ll find a new bottle storage area, which has sliding dividers that allow it to accommodate different-sized drinks. There’s now also somewhere to place your smartphone, located in front of the gearlever alongside a power point and USB socket.

Also available is a host of innovative safety kit, incorporating a more responsive adaptive cruise control system, boosted blind spot warning which can detect crossing traffic when you’re reversing, plus a parking system that can park the car either parallel or in a bay, and then drive it out again automatically.

There’s a revised engine line-up, too. Ford claims the diesel units are eight per cent more efficient than before, while the petrols are an average of 5.5 per cent cleaner.

Ford Focus 2014: engine range

The fresh Focus is the first Ford to be sold in Europe with the new 1.5-litre four-cylinder petrol EcoBoost. It comes in 148bhp and 178bhp versions, and slots into the range above the existing 99bhp and 123bhp 1.0-litre three-cylinder EcoBoosts. Ford will also add a version of the 1.0-litre EcoBoost that emits 99g/km of CO2.

A naturally aspirated 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol will be offered, too, in three states of tune: 84bhp, 104bhp and 123bhp. Diesel choices include the 1.5-litre TDCi in 94bhp and 118bhp guise, a 94bhp and 113bhp 1.6-litre TDCi and a 148bhp 2.0-litre TDCi.

Five and six-speed manual gearboxes will be standard, with automatics available as options. The latter can now be specced with shift paddles on the steering wheel.

Ford Focus 2014 facelift rear

To complement the new engines, Ford has retuned the chassis. Changes have been made to the suspension geometry, dampers, electric power-steering and bushes in order to give the handling a more responsive and agile feel, and ensure the Focus remains the class benchmark for driving dynamics.

In response to customer feedback, refinement has been worked on, too. There is now sound-insulating glass, thicker carpet and better bulkhead seals to keep noise to a minimum.

Ford Focus 2014: SYNC gets smarter

The latest Ford SYNC system has been fitted to the new Focus, making it Europe’s first Ford to get the SYNC 2 software. The original system essentially allowed drivers to use voice commands to do a variety of things, such as controlling the infotainment. However, SYNC 2 offers even more functionality – for example, it has ‘one-shot’ navigation, for which you can simply say a number, street name and city in one go and the navigation will begin directing you there.

There’s also the option of pushing the voice control button and saying “I’m hungry”. That’ll bring up a list of local restaurants, helped by the Michelin travel guide, to which you can then navigate.

The navigation system itself offers 3D landmark views, clearer depictions of junctions and spoken street names for the first time in a European Ford. But it’s not only the sat-nav that’s been updated – you can also ask SYNC 2 to play a song from your favourite artist or even change the climate control settings.

Ford Focus ST 2014

The updates to the standard Focus are pretty drastic, but Ford’s promising that its hot Focus ST will be even more striking – having admitted that the current car looks ‘a bit tame’. There’ll be some subtle chassis tweaks, yet the 247bhp 2.0-litre EcoBoost is expected to remain unchanged.

In detail: Ford Focus 2014 interior

Ford Focus 2014 facelift interior

A four-spoke steering wheel replaces the old three-spoke item, and it comes with simpler controls that will be easier to use on the move. It’s available heated as an option for the first time, too.

Ford has worked hard to improve quality even further. Chrome inserts, satin-black highlights and new matt grey strakes in the air vents all help to lift the feel of the cabin. The whole centre console is much cleaner than before, with many of the small buttons now incorporated on to an eight-inch central touchscreen. The heating controls have also been simplified.

Five and six-speed manual gearboxes are offered, as they always have been. A six-speed auto is still optional but buyers are now able to spec a pair of paddles on the steering wheel.

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when you say "new" you really mean - minor facelift?

Like the current Focus, but I imagine Ford are well on track to ruining it with yet another awful facelift in the style of the Fiesta and forthcoming Mondeo.

Hi, I expect it'll look every bit as gorgeous and upmarket as the Mk5 Mondeo and the 2013 Fiesta, selling in their thousands by the way. That front end is probably the same as we've seen on the hybrid Focus..

Are you being serious? Gorgeous? What's gorgeous looking about any Ford product these days? And by the way, just because something sells well doesn't mean it is automatically brilliant!

Did someone come across some old Scorpio plans and think gopping front ends should be the way to go for all future Fords??

Ahh yes another disgruntled gti owner.. I'd be upset to if I could've saved some cash and bought the better performing car in the ST. You're not the only show in town anymore..

Or... (fingers crossed)... that's a mule for the upcoming RS...

Everything!! They are one of the best looking cars on the road especially when you put them alongside a VAG car or BMW. If your going to be doing long journeys do you want to sit in a dark dismal interior in a VAG or a nice light modern interior in a Ford?

I bet those gaping front end comments didn't say the same about the DB9 on release.

Gorgeous maybe a little generous but the handling, engineering and the build quality are amongst the best out there.
I would trust one over anything French or Italian they have stagnated and kept their poor reliability and depreceation records, whereas Ford have engineered themselves out of that league.
I don't drive one at the moment but ask your self this; when did you last see a broken down Ford?

I have a top of the range Ford S-max , it turns heads like no other MPV and drives superbly. I recently drove Audis , Volkwagons,Vauxhalls and Nissans . The big Ford out handles them all.

About 2 months ago when my brother in laws brand new focus broke down with engine failure. It was off the road for 6 weeks waiting for parts from Germany, or so they said!

Yesterday, ford Focus broken down on blackwall tunnel approach, caused huge tailbacks down to blackheath.

But will it finally have a navigation screen larger than a postage stamp like they have in the USA

so ugly car

Well done Ford! You made an ugly car, slightly less ugly. Ford have ignored small details that makes the Focus look cheap compared to its rivals i.e drl that stop half way down the headlight cluster (also cheap looking design), rear led night light with a bulb break light, mirrors from a mk2 Focus, black plastic skirts, no rear passenger air vents. I don't like the Golf and i find it underwhelming in its overall design, but at least it has small details that make it look like a premium product and no, i don't mean a blingtastic Aston Martin grill. The Ceed, i30 and the Leon are by far better cars IMO.

Simply wonderful! The front revamp is magnificent! The interior outstanding!

At least has much more class than a Golf!!

I agree 100% with you Andy!

Maybe you´re the ugly one not the Focus!!

Is it just me or most of the new cars are uglier than the models they replace?

Moderate improvement on the outgoing car but not anything special. The bigger Focus does at least carry the Aston rip-off grill better than the Fiesta which now looks plain ridiculous. Would have been nice if they have replaced the god-awful rear lamp clusters though, they look like they have melted.

Interior is still too fussy, like all Fords.

Bland & boring... The only thing that seems to have changed a little for the better is the radio dashboard area.

Hertz & Avis love them they get a load of money off, good deal on a massive discounted batch of Focus's.

All they are interested savings in £SP

Fords crap infotainment broken that why they are now going to change to Blackberry.

Fords are very plain these days and none have any of the striking qualities of the original Focus Mk1 'Pooing Dog' design, but it cannot be denied they are doing better than VW.

A Ferrari turns heads, an Aston turns heads. An S-Max will not be noticed, just like all the other brands you mentions.

LOL! It's a Ford Focus and it looks totally anonymous - by design because that's what its customers want.

Some people are just unable to deal with any change, and no it's definitely not just you.

Maybe you're delusional

I thought everyone knew that Ford stands for Fix Or Repair Daily.

I'd rather have a Flintstone's car than drive a ford

Makes me laugh how people say how ugly this new "face" is on both the Fiesta and new focus, yet Fiesta biggest selling car in Europe for the last 5 years and Focus is the biggest selling name-plate in the world, and believe me it's not because they are cheap as they aren't! Build quality / handling and the awesome Ecoboost are second to none!


Do Ford have any idea what they are doing with their current engines? Why do you need 1.0 turbos and 1.6 non turbos with near identical power outputs and both 1.5 and 1.6 diesels again with identical outputs?

Haha, and you are 12 years old.

Yes it turns heads saying look at that bulbous ugly rear end.

An S-max is just a big van with windows....why would it turn heads? Did someone have their backside on display in the back?

Miguel, you really need to give up defending Fords. This is just another ugly, out of proportion mess that looks awkward sat on its disproportionate wheels.....the dealers can only shift Focus' with free bodykits and huge alloys because they are so damn fugly. You are right in saying they are more exciting than the German Euro boxes though....but so is a Hillman Avenger!

Shame on you!! pity sorry person!!

Quite attractive car!

Volvo manage to make the focus look good, so why can't Ford?

Keep taking the tablets! Its horrendous! i've seen better looking Protons!

Fords are really not the best looking cars, they look very ordinary - and this is deliberate - they are designed to not stand out because that is what their customers want.

Superb car, like all Fords, and good looking too, although if i had to pick holes, the dash is a little too space age for me.

Reading the blogs I have to laugh. Look guys, both Ford and VW make superb cars right across their ranges. They're both excellent in their own right.

The 1.0 has turbo which gives the car torque at low revs and it gets a higher mpg figure. The 1.6 is slower than the 1.0. its like a Diesel engine cos I had the fiesta and it just goes really quick but it's really quite. You would not think its a 1.0 at all.


Why do Ford always have an uncanny knack of making last years model look dated!!!! That's why I changed from Ford to BMW and so glad I did.

Wish the rear seats folded flat in the estate, dont like the fact that you either have the seat backs at an angle or the base creates an obstruction - reducing load length. Other manufacturers can do it, why not ford?

MASSIVE LOL! Both dull as dogs hit.
The only VW Group car I would ever consider is the Amarok. There is not one single Ford Europe car that is interesting.

They are both s hite in their own right.

Perhaps because the DB9 is a long, broad low slung car which wears the grill well. It was also original. The Focus looks like a dying trout.

Space age? Good grief, how old are you? It's about as space age as a Routemaster bus.

Great Body (chassis) in a ugly dress

Will there be a new look electric Focus? That would be the only big news here.



I have a focus but have to say the equivalent golf is a better built car and is faster.

You should have gone to specsavers PetrolHead, the Focus has always been as dull as ditchwater.

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The Golf ALWAYS had Ford as a rivalfrom the XR3 days to today's RS.

Ok, how much are Fraud paying you? Its disgusting, it's got a face like an essex girls knickers on a saturday morning at 4am!

As this is a hatchback, where has the 3dr focus gone?

Given that they designed one of the ugliest cars around with this generation of Focus, anything has to be an improvement. They've got rid of that awful front end, but sadly the rest of the sloppy design remains. Such a shame as the Mk 1 Focus was such a brilliant bit of fresh thinking (apart from that dash!) and even the Mk 2 and 3 were at least handsome vehicles. Then it all went wrong with this one. With the honourable exception of the S Max, all current Fords are ugly, Fiesta the least worst I suppose, but the B Max are CMax, boy are they ugly. Ford designers have totally lost the plot at present.

They should be cheap considering how bad and ordinary they are. Ford lovers are just people who cant afford a decent German brand.

That redesigned back looks an awful lot like an uglier pro cee'd.

It's an awesome car, to bad it's design is so all over the place.

I've been thinking about foglights . . decided I can't see the point of making cars with them to illuminate the road ahead under the fog if the driver has to peer through the fog to see the road . .

owner couldn't be bothered to get it serviced