Revamped Ford Focus ST heads 2014 Focus facelift

Ford Focus ST
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6 Dec, 2013 4:34pm Steve Fowler

A radical overhaul for the Ford Focus ST is planned for 2014, although power output remains the same

A heavily revamped version of the Ford Focus ST will be the highlight of next year’s facelift for Ford’s big-selling hatchback.

Although power will remain at 247bhp from the 2.0 EcoBoost engine, Ford bosses are promising a far more aggressive look for the new hot hatch, saying that the current car is ‘a bit tame’.

Ford Focus ST review (current car)

Tweaks to steering and suspension to further sharpen the handling are also expected, as well as minor interior trim updates, but its the exterior that will get most attention (see also: Ford Focus ST facelift pictures). As well as a revised grille, to match the five-bar grille on the latest Fiesta, expect pumped-up side sills and bumpers and a larger rear wing.

Ford Focus review (current car)

RS fans will be disappointed to hear there’s still no word on when an even hotter Focus might arrive, although a Ford insider told us that it’s still firmly in the product plan, along with a Fiesta RS.

Should a new Focus RS make it to production, the new four-cylinder 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine from the recently-revealed Mustang is the most-likely candidate.

Under the bonnet of the Mustang it already produces 305bhp, but that figure could be raised closer to 350bhp for the front-wheel drive Focus RS.

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Who wants a German made Avis/Herz rental car thats powered by a puny hairdryer of a engine?

Nissan GT-R Nismo does a 7:08 round the Nurburgring, last Focus ST milk float was 8:35, just imagine if it was a Grand Prix the Chav's favourite Focus ST would cross the line over an hour later after Vettal is tucked up in bed.

Should stick a proper engine in the Focus ST, Stick 5.0 Mustang 420 BHP in it, but oh l forgot FWD can't handle power, Stick to puny hairdryer engines, Focus ST would make the perfect hairdressers car to pose at the local branch of Tony & Guy.

Chavs drive Audi A3s - the blackened windows, fat wheels and shaved heads like baked beans are recognisable a mile away. Hairdressers, on the other hand, prefer Audi TTs - look out for the Lily Savage profile.

Also, not all hairdryer motors are to be sniffed at, e.g. the excellent Philips HPM8190 series that Braun could never quite match. Food processor motors might be a better choice though, particularly with continuously variable speed control.

Ivor you don't no what you are talking about. Cracking car the focus st is.

Hmm, a pointless comment comparing a 23 grand car with a 115 grand car, yeah that makes perfect sense??!!! I'll keep that hairdryer engine in my Fiesta ST thanks and run rings around the 5 litre Mustang round the bends.

Oh, and yeah chavs drive Audi's, and 4X4's too.

A Avis/Hertz rental special Focus ST is total garbage, a cheapskate compromise for hairdressers who can't afford a decent car.

To a software developer thats making millions writing games for X-boxes or Playstations, who has earned the cash to splash will be the sort of guy that would buy a Nissan GT-R Nismo, To then that can afford it would not be seen dead in a cheapo girlie FWD compromise 8:35 Focus ST Chavmobile garbage.

Nissan GT-R Nismo does a 7:08 round the Nurburgring, last Focus ST milk float was 8:35, just imagine if it was a Grand Prix the Chav's favourite the hairdressers compromise Focus ST would cross the line over an hour later after Vettal is tucked up in bed with a Horlicks half way through watching the replay of the GP, the Avis/Hertz Focus ST compromise will just be finishing crossing the finish line.

Focus ST garbage is a Chav's compromise for those that can't afford a decent performance car.

If you are so tightfisted saving money is your No1 goal, can't afford a decent car, want to drive a slow second-rate compromise thats garbage thats no good.

If No1 priority for you is saving money go autonomous buy a £200 bus pass, you cheapskate, and you will save £23 grand on owning a garbage Ford a puny powered FWD girlie rental car.

Hmm It's pointless a comparing a £200 bus pass, to a 23 grand garbage Focus ST Chavmobile yeah that makes perfect sense??!!! The bus has more street cred. apolloa your a cheapskate.

Nissan GT-R Nismo for those that earn the money, they will not buy a garbage Focus ST Chavmobile compromise.

What a tool you are

The intelligence is severely lacking with you isn't it? Do you think people will see you as some sort of cool person? Or a pathetic troll who we will suspect has a real age of 14? maybe when you grow up into adult hood you will live in the real world eh?
You are the only person who mentioned the GT-R Nismo, so you are merely arguing with yourself.

Have fun with your GT-R, if you save up all your pocket money then you may be able to buy an Arfix model of it when your 18?

Oh I see, so you are no stereotyping (You can look that up in the dictionary, oh no wait your 14 so I suggest Google), the type of people who buy GT-R's now?

A Focus ST will never be a Nissan GT-R ever, because the girlie FWD can't handle take handle the power through the drive train.

Cheap and nasty Focus ST junk is a gutless compromise, always will be all the time its fitted with a puny hairdryer engine & FWD.

Nissan GT-R Nismo attracts premium prices, but its no $52 million RWD 1963 GTO l grant you that. Focus ST is a "compromise" a piece of cheap garbage that is good at nothing and so priced accordingly to its worth, attracts those on a CHAVs income ...

looks like crap and my 2009 balt SS with gms1 will smoke this POS. And dont say I am biased cause I own a horse and zx2 s/r for my DD plus a modded r-spec

I have a turbo 4 in my balt SS. It will smoke any grocery getter mustang. Only a 3.73 all out horse can hang with it. lmfao.

the problem is its FUGLY which is a turn off. plus 247 hp is a joke. My balt ss has around 280 with gms1 and will kill this thing

" Ford bosses are promising a far more aggressive look for the new hot hatch, saying that the current car is ‘a bit tame’."..................... No wonder there are so many barmy and nasty drivers on the road - it's what they want it seems. Quite a few newer cars now sport that ugly american, flat roof/headroom look and the nasty grille is getting popular also. You're all $£%^ing mad.

The focus st is just a tarted up 5 door family hatchback. So it has 247 hp. That's enough for anyone on UK roads, but the car is nothing special for the money. Who aspires to driving a focus? My girlfriend had a new focus titanium. Load of crap. Soon got rid.

He probably has a GT-R, on GT5 or whatever he plays after he's done his homework and mummy has bathed him.