Mercedes A-Class and B-Class get efficient new models

13 Nov, 2013 2:29pm Jonathan Burn

More efficient ECO and 4MATIC all-wheel drive models for the Mercedes A-Class and B-Class lineup

The Mercedes A-Class and B-Class ranges are set to be expanded with the introduction of new ECO variants from January next year. These models offer improved economy and reduced emissions of only 92g/km and 98g/km in the A-Class and B-Class respectively, meaning road tax is free and fleet appeal is up too.

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The new A-Class and B-Class ECO models come in 180 CDI ECO SE form and replace the current 180 CDI SE manual variants. The introduction of these new models in January will also coincide with Mercedes’ all-wheel drive 4MATIC system being made available across the A-Class and B-Class range.

The new ECO models feature weight-saving measures, engine modifications and added aerodynamic tweaks to boost efficiency. Both models feature a more aerodynamic grille, underbody paneling and lowered suspension. The six-speed manual gearbox also has longer ratios in the higher gears and there’s an improved energy recuperation system.

What’s more appealing for fleet buyers is the Benefit In Kind company car tax band for the new A-Class 180 CDI ECO SE is just 13 per cent.

Fuel economy in the A-Class 180 CDI ECO is up from 74.3mpg to 78.5mpg, while the B-Class version sees an increase from 68.9mpg to 74.3mpg. Despite the focus on efficiency, performance remains unchanged over the previous verisons.

Priced from £21,965 and £22,950 respectively, the new A-Class and B-Class models ask a £520 premium over the models they replace. When available, prices for the A 250 4MATIC model begin at £28,985, while the B 220 4MATIC starts from £28,135.