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The New Citroën C3 Aircross has the tools to take on your weekend thanks to a series of clever innovations from Citroën

A modern city is tough on any car. There are speed bumps, kerbs and potholes to punish the suspension while narrow streets and tight parking spaces test the skill of the driver. 

So while a big SUV would be perfect for coping with the rough terrain of a town, they’re too big to thread through the urban streets and squeeze into tight parking spots. The answer is the new Citroën C3 Aircross, a car that combines the looks and ruggedness of an SUV with the size of a supermini. 

It’s not all about show either. Venture away from town – or encounter wintery conditions inside the city limits - and the New C3 Aircross can show real ability in the slippery stuff, thanks to the optional Grip Control with Hill Descent Assist.

This ingenious technology uses the New C3 Aircross’ traction control system to make sure the all season tyres can make the most of the available grip, whatever the weather. Grip Control constantly monitors the wheels and instantly detects any slip. It will apply the brakes to individual wheels and send the engine’s power to the wheel with most traction.

Hill Descent Assist works when the New C3 Aircross is facing a slippery or steep hill and the driver is worried about grip levels – such as in snowy conditions, when driving in a soggy festival car park or on a seaweed-covered slipway. Hill Descent Assist keeps the C3 Aircross at a constant speed and under control by gently applying the brakes to the individual wheels that have the most grip.

The ingenuity goes further than just electronics too. As you would expect from a Citroën, the interior has been cleverly designed to make the very most of the New C3 Aircross’ compact external dimensions. Despite taking up less road space than a typical small family hatchback, it has plenty of space to accommodate four adults in comfort with wide, soft seats, plenty of head and legroom and a light airy feel around the cabin. 

If you are carrying luggage, then the New C3 Aircross offers a variety of different interior layouts to make sure it can be carried in comfort too. The back seats can split 40/60 to accommodate a combination of people and loads while for even more versatility the whole rear bench can slide backwards and forwards to give the optimum combination of legroom and boot space. The seat backs can even be reclined for extra comfort or made upright to squeeze in boxy loads like furniture or domestic appliances. With the seats folded the New C3 Aircross has a van-like 1,289 litres of space and there’s even the option of having a folding front passenger seat to accommodate loads up to 2.4 metres long – that’s easily long enough for a flat-pack wardrobe. With the New C3 Aircross, you need never wait for a delivery! 

For smaller items there are plenty of ingenious storage spaces too, allowing occupants to store the chattels of modern life easily and neatly without cluttering the C3 Aircross’ neatly designed interior. The central console can even incorporate a wireless charging console for your smartphone to ensure you can go cable free. Access to Apple Car Play and Android Auto mean you can make the most of your smartphone’s features and apps while in the car too. 

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It’s not the only technology fitted to the New C3 Aircross to make life easier – and safer. To help the driver, there’s the option to use a whole range of sophisticated systems such as a head-up display, automatic high beam headlights, speed limit recognition and Park Assist.

A head-up display projects vital information onto the base of the windscreen, meaning drivers can keep their eyes on the road and still see crucial information. Cameras mounted in the windscreen can actually read road signs and remind you of speed limits while the car’s systems can also recognise other road users at night and dip the headlamps to prevent them being dazzled. 

The New C3 Aircross’ compact dimensions and high driving position make parking much easier than in a bulkier SUV or even family hatch, but Citroën’s clever technology is there to lend a helping hand too. Whether in town or out in the country, the high-mounted reversing camera gives a 180-degree view at the rear of the car to make sure scrapes are avoided. There’s even the option of Park Assist, where the car will select a space and steer itself into the gap.

On the move the New C3 Aircross will keep you safe too, with Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Monitoring both making sure you don’t stray out of your roadspace by detecting when the car is straying across road markings or when other vehicles may be hidden out of view.

With good looks, clever technology and brilliant packaging, the New Citroën C3 Aircross is a car which is tough enough for the town and yet has the versatility to take on the countryside and fit in with your active lifestyle too. Why settle for the compromises of a bigger, more expensive SUV when the New C3 Aircross can cope with it all?

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Some features available on selected versions only.

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