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Be part of the EV public charging revolution with Octopus Electroverse

For EV public charging that's simple and straightforward, join the pioneering Octopus Electroverse for free now

Octopus Electroverse

Life is better when things are simple. Making the switch to an all-electric vehicle should be no different, and manufacturers, energy suppliers and charging networks all have their work cut out to ensure EV ownership is as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

The award-winning Octopus Electroverse(1) is designed to make EV public charging completely effortless and just as simple as paying for fuel in a petrol or diesel car. You can forget about needing countless apps and payment cards to use across all the different charging station brands. With Electroverse you have just one card and one app - it’s that easy. And, Auto Express readers can get started straight away with an exclusive £10 free charging credit offer.

Access is free via the Electroverse app and Electrocard (RFID), so you won’t have the hassle of managing any extra subscriptions or ongoing fees. You’ll only be billed for the energy consumed when charging, while handy receipts are immediately available to view or download in the app. What’s more, Octopus Electroverse has partnered with over 470 charging providers including InstaVolt, IONITY, Osprey and Shell Recharge in order to equip EV buyers with total flexibility - so whether you’re driving in the UK or around Europe, you’ll be able to take advantage of more than 600,000 chargers on the Electroverse network.

Octopus Electroverse

But the public charging revolution doesn’t stop there. Electroverse includes features such as an interactive global map showing charger locations and their availability in real-time, along with a smart route planner with pre-planned charging stops that will do away with any lasting notion of range anxiety. Plus, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Android Automotive in-car connectivity and the latest future-proof Plug & Charge technology means all you have to focus on is the driving.

You’ll enjoy exclusive discounts with various charging providers, such as 20 per cent with Osprey(2) and 5 per cent with IONITY via Octopus Electroverse. And, signing up for a home energy supply gives you the option to integrate public charging costs with your home electricity bill, as well as access to further discounts across individual EV tariffs(3), saving you time and money. 

With a commitment to removing the complexity from public charging, Octopus Energy has also recognised that while there are plenty of great incentives and price reductions for EV drivers lucky enough to have a home charger, there are far fewer for those reliant on the public network. The Electroverse wants to change that.

Octopus Electroverse mobile

Introducing Electroverse Plunge Pricing: a dynamic pricing system for public chargers, formulated to pass through cheaper tariffs when energy demand is low and supply high. 

Linked to wholesale costs, which vary every 30 minutes, Plunge Price discounts only apply to charging operators supplied by Octopus Energy(4), and will fluctuate depending on real-time energy prices. For example, a particular Plunge Price Day might supply discounts of 20 per cent, but a Plunge Price Day the following week might have up to 50 per cent off. 

To make things even more attractive, once you join the Electroverse you can split £10 charging credit with each friend you refer - the more friends you refer, the more credit you’ll earn. It’s completely straightforward and easy to use - so what’s stopping you?

1. Octopus Electroverse won ‘Best EV Innovation’ at Driving Electric Awards 2021, ‘Best Use of Technology’ at UK Business & Innovations Awards 2022, and Auto Express ‘Best Buy’ for Best EV charging apps 2023

2. Daily, between 7 and 11pm

3. 5 per cent for Go customers, and 8 per cent for Intelligent Go.

4. For the initial launch of Electroverse Plunge Pricing these operators will include IONITY & Osprey. As Plunge Pricing becomes more frequent, more operators (supplied by Octopus Energy) will be included

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