Land Rover Discovery 3

Step 23
Land Rover Discovery 3

Replacing a Discovery 3 front differential

How to replace the front differential on a TDV6 Discovery 3 and Range Rover Sport
27 Sep 2017
How to investigate TDV6 turbocharger noise - step 1
Land Rover Discovery 3

How to investigate TDV6 turbocharger noise

A whistling Land Rover Discovery 3 or Range Sport Sport turbo might be sorted by a simple cure, here’s how to fix it…
27 Jul 2017
Land Rover Discovery front
Land Rover Discovery 3

Used buyer's guide: Land Rover Discovery

The acclaimed Land Rover Discovery doubles as a luxury car and a rugged off-roader
16 Jul 2013
Landrover Discovery 3
Land Rover Discovery 3 4x4

Fresh-faced Disco

Revised lights front and rear mark out Land Rover, while a new diesel will also feature.
17 Dec 2008
Land Rover Discovery 3 4x4

Land Rover Discovery 3 vs Land Rover Freelander 2

While owners of the big Discovery raved about their car in Driver Power, its little brother is making a splash in the class.
2 Jun 2008
Land Rover Discovery
Land Rover Discovery 3 4x4

Land Rover Discovery (2004-2009) review

The Discovery has a polished drivetrain and chassis, with excellent build quality, strong residuals and a class-leading image.
29 Dec 2006