Lavish Range Rover Overfinch available now

19 Dec, 2013 1:00pm Luke Madden

New Range Rover Overfinch customers can specify carbon fibre and huge alloy wheels for their luxury SUV

You can now have your new Range Rover overhauled by Overfinch, featuring bodywork made from carbon fibre and a low production run of just 100 UK cars per year.

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The Range Rover Overfinch gets bold badging on the bonnet and a deeper front fascia, featuring a bar of LED running lights on either side help mark this car out from a standard Range Rover. The roof spoiler at the rear is finished in carbon fibre, along with the lower bumper. There’s a set of new Overfinch exhausts, too.

Buyers can pick between a range of alloy wheels designs, in Zeus, Osprey or Xenon designs. All are available in either 22-inch or 23-inch sizes in various different colours and finishes.

Overfinch can customise the interior depending on what buyers want, but there are two seat designs on offer: Solitaire and Mercury. The latter is fitted to the car in our pictures, including the contrasting stitching and piping. It’s supposedly the sportier set-up, while Solitaire features diamond stitching.

Depending on the colour and trim you choose, Overfinch will offer a selection of veneers to finish off the cabin.

Kevin Sloane, Overfinch chairman, said: “The designs and attention to detail of the all new Overfinch Range Rover continue to build on our 40-year-old history enhancing Land Rover vehicles.”

Overfinch also offers its own versions of the Discovery, Defender and Evoque. An enhanced version of the Range Rover Sport is next on the list. Existing Range Rover owners can have the updates fitted to their car, or Overfinch will source a vehicle directly from the factory.

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just the thing, if you're a Russian gangster or drug-dealing Mr Big - Absolutely vile!

nobby at least its made here in the UK and to be honest far more attractive than the Porsche Cayani. Interior looks great don,t you think, all that,s missing is a few diamonds encrusting the interior !! Turn up that blingy blingy music and let that boom box rip

I think you may be confusing overfinch for kahn a company that has for years been proving that tat doesn't have to be cheap.



Spot on Steven. Just because big wheels are mentioned they think its Chav. You can do what ever you want with an Overfinch. They can do their range of engine mods and leave the exterior completely untouched so nobody would be any the wiser.

Also what about the Holland & Holland Overfinch. I have never known Chav's have a taste for shooting Grouse (yes they may shoot each other I know!) or drinking good whisky.

Land Rover have become the latest car maker to switch to penny-pinching download only brochures. Disgusting, will certainly not buy a car froma company cutting corners so easily.

Why not just go the dealer? They have them. If you were serious, you would. Simples.

Because I find the dealers are very very pushy, just like BMW and Mini dealers. Wanting phone numbers, email addresses, etc etc. You are pounced on when you walk through the door.