New Skoda Octavia spied

26 Oct, 2012 2:41pm Tom Phillips

The Skoda Octavia has been spied almost completely undisguised, ahead of its November reveal

The all-new Skoda Octavia is set to be revealed late next month. The new car is the fourth to use the VW Group’s new MQB modular platform, after the new Volkswagen Golf, SEAT Leon and Audi A3.

The new car will also become the longest MQB car so far. The Golf, A3 Sportback and Leon five-door measure 4,199mm, 4,292mm and 4,315mm respectively. The Skoda Rapid, which fits under the Octavia in the Skoda range, is 4,483mm, while the larger Superb is 4,838mm.

This means that the Octavia will measure around 4,650mm, thanks in part to its larger saloon-style boot than the current model, which measures 4569mm.

The new Octavia - seen here almost undisguised - will follow the design language of the Vision D concept car more closely than the new Skoda Rapid, too. As you can see from the spy pictures, the Octavia features the same arrow-head-shaped C-pillar, narrow headlights and creased bonnet as the concept car.

The new car is also expected to get a more upmarket interior to distance it from the value-focused Rapid. Prices will rise accordingly, with the new Octavia expected to start from around £15,000 – cheaper than its MQB brothers, but more than the current entry-level Octavia's £13,385.

The new Octavia will make its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2013, with UK sales beginning shortly afterwards.

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so basically, its exactly the same as the last one!!! usual VAG sh**e

Are you sure it really is the new one, or is it a case of "the King has no (new) clothes"?

Wait until the disguise is off before you go hating on it - just like you say give the Dacia range a chance before hating on it. It's bigger, it's more upmarket than the current model, which has sold in excess of 3 million, and is going to rip the sales out of many of it's rivals.

Skoda, like VW, are designed to look good and timeless for many years, not be all like the Koreans and 500's, MINI's and Citroen DS's and the like, with all their curves and unneccesary fashion-lines that go out of date quicker than a pint of milk.The Skoda range looks quality, whereas the others look cheap and old fashioned after 2 years. Another great Skoda going straight to the top of the class.

Usual jealous VAG hater ^ ^ ^

I certainly do not knock Skodas for anything but their dull looks, although Octavia diesels do seem to vary considerably unit to unit in terms of NVH. Experiences of the family of a colleague suggest Skodas are much better screwed together than their VW equivalents.

This feature does say "almost completely undisguised" so we are entitled to comment on its looks. To my mind Skodas, with the exception of the Yeti, equate to the sort of elderly person who dresses neck to ankle in beige for fear of anything imaginative. Such people would indeed be scared stiff of anything like a Mini, DS3 or 500. My thoughts are that life is too short to drive dull motor cars!