New Skoda Octavia enters production

17 Dec, 2012 4:59pm Tom Phillips

Production of the new Octavia has begun at the firm's Mlada Boleslav plant

The first all-new Skoda Octavia has rolled off the production line at Skoda's factory in Mladá Boleslav in the Czech Republic.

The all-new third-generation Octavia goes on sale in the UK in hatchback form in March. The estate model follows in May, with the high-performance vRS models arriving in July.

In preparation for production of the third-generation Octavia, Skoda has invested heavily in its Mlada Boleslav plant. The production line, which assembles both the Octavia and Rapid models, has been upgraded to be able to build 1,200 cars a day, up from 800.

Skoda also underlined the importance of the new Octavia as part of its strategy for growth. The firm said “from today until 2015, Skoda plans to launch a new or revised model every six months on average… with the aim being to raise the number of cars sold worldwide to a minimum of 1.5 million per year by 2018.”

Compared with its predecessor, the new Skoda Octavia has grown in almost all dimensions, including the fact that it now sports a huge 590-litre boot – just 15 litres shy of the previous Octavia Estate’s luggage capacity.

However, as it’s built on the VW Group’s new MQB platform, the new Octavia is up to 102kg lighter than its predecessor.

Alongside the conventional petrol and diesel models, Skoda has also confirmed that a four-wheel-drive Octavia Scout will be added to range, and that the GreenLine eco model will return average fuel consumption of 83.1mpg and emit 89g/km of CO2.

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New Octavia begins production? Can't contain my excitement!

Live a little

Oh. Come on, guys. Don't be so morbid. Be excited. Octavia is an important car not just for Skoda but for all of us. The extra space would come in handy when you're going for holiday and don't wanna drive to the airport in your dinky little car. Then you reach for that all important number and a red or white Octavia pulls up outside your front door.
And think of all the blokes who live in bungalows. This car's massive boot will take a whole shed load of garden tools with room to spare.
The good news doesn't stop at acres of space in the boot. The car has VW engines, MQB platform and transmission.
On top of that it has last generation Audi A4's headlights, Golf's switchgear, Superb's rear end and Seat's steering wheel.

I like it! I like it! Fadyady's comments rather than this dreary set of wheels that is. If ever a vehicle was the visual epitome of the commuting trudge this is it. Was the effort in producing the interesting Yeti too much for its makers?
By the way AE. Do you really have to regurgitate every bit of manufacturer's guff churned out in press releases?

I can imagine that all the workers on the production line are all given just one tool....a small flat headed screwdriver. Then they walk down the line pinging off all those VW badges......then another worker will come along and stick the Skoda badges on with some 'No more nails'.........German efficiency

Very DULL the New Mazda 6, there is a car!!...

Wondered when you'd pop up with your VAG hating comments. Why not go polish your DS3.

Someone else polishes it actually! Incidentally one passenger I carry thinks it is the smoothest and quietest running vehicle she travels in and the list of these includes Audi and Vauxhall.
However the subject of this thread is Skoda and not taking pot shots at what I happen to drive simply because my opinions don't suit you. If you had read my post properly you would see I think the Yeti is very good. However the manufacturers now seem to be going off the boil which is what all makers do from time to time. Thus being a fanboy for any make is a bit silly.