New Skoda Octavia Estate

5 Mar, 2013 5:29pm Luke Madden

Pictures and details of the new Skoda Octavia Estate, following its debut at the Geneva Motor Show

Skoda has unveiled the new Octavia Estate at the Geneva Motor Show.

Although the Octavia is already the most spacious car in its class, the Estate is even bigger. It has a 610-litre boot with the seats up – 20 litres more than the hatch – and a capacity of 1,740 litres with the rear seats folded. That’s 160 litres more than the hatch.

Comparisons to the Octavia Estate’s rivals are even more impressive: the Renault Megane Sport Tourer has a 524-litre boot, while the Vauxhall Astra Sports Tourer’s load area takes 500 litres. The Octavia also features class-leading rear legroom.

Practical touches include a double-sided boot floor – with carpet on one side and rubber on the other – plus a rubbish bin and an ice scraper hidden in the fuel filler cap.

The estate will be available with the same range of engines as the hatchback, but Skoda will also introduce a 4x4 model at Geneva, although it hasn’t confirmed which engines will get the system.

Expect to see the usual S, SE and Elegance models, as well as an efficient Greenline, with CO2 emissions around 90g/km.

The Octavia Estate will go on sale soon, and is expected to cost from around £17,000.

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Room for my bikes, boats, a/v and overnight gear then. Just waiting for the vRS.

The vRS version is being launched at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed in July. Should be a real flyer with an electronically limited top speed of 155mph, and sub 7 seconds 0-62mph time. I want!!

This is actually quite pretty. Perhaps BMW should poach the stylists from VAG and sort out some of their horrid styling efforts like the 1 series, X1, X3 and the terrible GT versions of the 5 and 3 series!!

Once again Skoda shows they know how to design an better looking estate than saloon. Obviously the chief designer has a labrador!

Nah! You've got it the wrong way round. VAG mainstream cars are bland, dull and boring in their styling. BMW, on the other hand, are fresh, modern and interesting.

i love the skoda brand offers top value and practicality.. i need a towing car soon and will be looking no further than a superb or octavia ...this estate looks very nice ...i love the rubbish bin fitted ..the skoda estelle convertible of the 70s was a skip on wheels ..i thought it ironic ....the transformation is complete

Love the styling! Looks absolutely brilliant. I totally agree with John - BMW and many others could learn a thing or two about cool good looks instead of gimmicky awkwardness.

Why does the wing look like its been resprayed by a back street garage?

I cannot understand why people would not buy these cars, straightforward, economical, reliable, comfortable, good to drive, lacking in pretence, do not look as if they have been hit in the side by a bus, like most BMW, SEAT and Mazda. Brilliant.

Other marques go for style over substance Skoda Used to be The Other Way round Not any more. Bring on the VRS i Cannot wait.

This looks great! Whither the Superb estate

BMW are hideous, this is timelessly elegant. BMW also had to get Skodas permission to use the Skoda patented twin-door hatch/boot system BMW use on their 5 Gro-Tesque model.

About as interesting to look at as Vladimir Putin, the facelifted mk2 Octavia was such an improvement over the pre-facelift model, now they seemed to reverted back to it. This car would fit in nicely in the 1990's in terms of design. I can only hope the vRS upgrade makes it a little more inspiring.

And I know function comes before design with this car, so I can't really knock it, but I'd still rather have a mk2.

I've loved the Skoda brand for over 25 years,(since I was 15), and it was the Rapid Cabriolet of the 80's that had all the stupid skip jokes thrown at it. You will not go wrong with any Skoda - Yeti, Superb, Roomster and Octavia have all been voted caravan club towcar winners. Add in the fact that the Skoda Octavia in Western Europe now outsell the Insignia and Mondeo put together,you can see they have the formula just right.

"BMW also had to get Skodas permission to use the Skoda patented twin-door hatch/boot system BMW use on their 5 Gro-Tesque model."
Do you have a source for that claim - or did you make it up?

I presume by "Timelessly elegant" You mean that it looks the same as it did in the 1990's?

I like the New Skoda Octavia Estate as it has more boot space than my Dad`s Astra ST

There is a source - google it. Skoda patented the twin-door system on the 2008 Superb, BMW then wanted to use it for their 5GT.

Each to our own - I prefer this new one, as the chrome snout has gone.

Nope.. I'd agree with John, and you've got it wrong... VW are far more stylish than BMW these days.... BMW are are producing some real shockers.

I like the New Skoda Octavia Estate