Skoda Octavia vRS 2013

5 Jun, 2013 8:00am Luke Madden

First pictures of the new Skoda Octavia vRS, ahead of its debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Skoda has released first pictures and full details on its new high-performance Octavia vRS – and it’s faster than the VW Golf GTI on which it’s based.

The newcomer is available as a hatchback or estate, and when fitted with the 217bhp 2.0-litre TSI petrol engine – sourced from the top-spec Golf – it promises a 154mph top speed. That’s 2mph up on the VW, and makes the car the fastest Octavia ever.

The vRS 2.0-litre TSI is three-tenths slower than the GTI from 0-62mph, recording a time of 6.8 seconds. Plus, as before, Skoda will sell a diesel, featuring the 181bhp 2.0-litre engine from the Golf GTD. The vRS TDI covers 0-62mph in 8.1 seconds.

Firmer sports suspension means the saloon is 12mm lower than the standard Octavia and the estate 13mm lower. There’s also an XDS electronic differential and multi-link rear suspension.

Setting the newcomer apart visually from other Octavias is an aggressive bodykit, vRS badges and honeycomb intakes in the front bumper. Xenon headlamps with LED running lights feature, while owners can pick from new 17, 18 and 19-inch alloy designs.

Inside are new vRS sports seats, a perforated leather steering wheel and stainless steel pedals. There are vRS dials and floor mats, too.

The Octavia vRS debuts at next month’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, before going on sale here in August. Prices have yet to be announced, but the diesel vRS is set to cost just shy of £23,000 – the Golf GTD is priced £25,285.

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Looks nice, but I would pay the premium and get the GTD, its better looking and won't depreciate nearly as quick.

I'm so glad the vRS has sorted out the standard Oct's boring styling, this looks very premium, especially the estate - Which, I feel, thanks to the added practicality, may well draw buyers away from the Focus ST!

Verrry nice indeed. Now just need to sell this crappy Kia and I'll have one.

Any fuel figures available at all? (Only as a guide of course) ;-)

No matter how many stars Autoexpress shower on Skoda cars, the fact remains that low price was the key part of Octavia's appeal.
I think Skoda has learnt a lesson from the falling sales of the new and over-priced Octavia. Price it right and this big old lump may change that.

I don't know why they keep comparing the Golf against this. Other than the running gear they are two different cars. Nobody looking for a Golf or, vice versa, would consider an Octavia surely.

Very much like the styling (that blue looks nice too) and from the side the estate is reminiscent of an A4 Avant. All this combines to make the Skoda look like it comes from a class above the Golf.
If they get the pricing right - and it sounds like they're on the right track - I think it will be a real hit. A desirable Skoda? Who'd have thunk it?

i am not a fan of the Golf i think it looks like a brick
as far as stying is concerned... Skoda is a remarkable car these days..well up there with the best..which is a credit to the marque....If it had a VW badge on it the golf fans would be frooling over it

badge snobbery i guess

Your printed edition kept referring to a saloon, which raised hopes, but now it is a boring hatchback after all.

The vRS is based on a Golf GTI/GTD, so assuming the figures are the same, they are as follows:

Petrol (Manual)
---> 47mpg (combined) / 139g/km
Petrol (Auto)
---> 44mpg (combined) / 148g/km
Diesel (Manual)
---> 67mpg (combined) / 109g/km
Diesel (Auto)
---> 63mpg (combined) / 119g/km

But if you drive a VW people will think you are a pensioner. The Skoda is more a younger persons car.

I should know, I am 68 and I drive a VW Golf.

Skoda's normally don't interest me, yet this is an exception. Looks very appealing.

I was always under the impression the opposite was true.

The opposite was true in the 1980s. Reversed now.

No way, Skoda is always the older persons car, VW is a huge range from young GTI drivers to older mature passat drivers.

Both are a bit "beige cardigan" nowadays with a few costly exceptions. If you want a bit of style at a reasonable price from the VW empire it has to be SEAT I feel.

Look at Briskoda, thousands of young Skoda drivers, always have been too. Anyway, the Octavia offers more performance than the Golf, better looks, and more space. Skoda Octavia vRS for me any day. Besides, does it matter about the age of a person? Skoda has teenage drivers to pensioner drivers and enthusiasts.

What falling sales? Sales are skyrocketing over here in the UK, and as Skoda themselves stated, there is always a lull in sales during the first couple of months of a new models arrival due to restructuring the assembly lines at the factories. And in what way is the Octavia overpriced? It's better value now than it ever was - more standard equipment, bigger, better etc. Can you get an equivalent sized car with the spec, build quality, performance from another manufacturer? I think not.