Skoda Octavia vRS Plus spied

30 Jun, 2014 2:42pm Jonathan Burn

A stylish but mysterious Skoda Octavia vRS Estate spied, could be a more potent range-topping model

Our spies have snapped a mysterious Skoda Octavia vRS Estate prototype, hinting at a more powerful range-topping model. Details are a little thin on the ground but some subtle styling tweaks and a new exhaust system suggest a hike in performance.

Most obvious on the matt black Octavia vRS Estate are the addition of some huge alloys wheels borrowed from the Audi TT RS. There are minor changes to the rear bumper but quad-exhausts tucked away at the back lead to speculation as to what’s under the bonnet.

It’s likely the 2.0-litre turbocharged engine from the current vRS will remain but given the bold exterior styling a significant power hike is expected. Current output is 217bhp but that figure could rise to around 250bhp, with rumours also suggesting power could even rise to as much as 280bhp.

The engine in the vRS is also shared with the recently introduced 296bhp Volkswagen Golf R, so we know the engine is more than capable of producing the power. If the increase is as dramatic as anticipated we could also expect to see the Haldex four-wheel drive system fitted to help manage power delivery.

There is no official confirmation as to when this hot Octavia vRS will be unveiled. We’re also still in the dark as to it’s name but given the close to production look of this prototype, we could see it debut before the end of the year.

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Well if they do a big power hike and four wheel drive its just shot to the top of my new car list!

do it and do it before january when I was plannign to order a stock Vrs

Dear Skoda, please make sure it comes with 4wd, and is available for sale in Australia! I've delayed upgrading my 2011 RS Estate in hope that a VRS wagon with the Golf R drivetrain eventuates.

If it's 4WD and has a decent balanced combination of power & economy, then I'll be very interested in such a car!

The existing vRS which I have handles brilliantly for a car of its size, so they'll need to ensure the handling isn't compromised in anyway.

So if they offer a 4WD vRS with either an uprated petrol or even diesel engine then I'm sure they'll have an absolute winner and a very full order book, very quickly.

That's is of course provided they (SUK & Skoda) in general stop mucking about with the options which they have been doing of recent, where they've been withdrawing & reinstating certain items at short notice.

I think it's going to be a Limited Edition model to celebrate Skodas 120th Birthday next year.

Is this like the Golf Plus?