Alpina B4

Alpina B4 S Coupe - front
Alpina B4 Coupe

New Alpina B4 S Coupe 2017 review

Taking the edge off the BMW M4, the Alpina B4 S Coupe adds comfort and luxury without sacrificing performance
9 Oct 2017
Alpina B4 Biturbo Cabrio 2016 - front cornering 2
Alpina B4 Convertible

Alpina B4 Convertible 2016 review

BMW-based manufacturer Alpina casts its spell on drop-top 4 Series; the result is the impressive B4 Convertible
5 Aug 2016
Alpina B4 Coupe

Alpina B4 review

Alpina has reworked the BMW 4 Series in its own inimitable style - the resulting Alpina B4 offers a more refined BMW experience
12 Sep 2014