Audi A4 vs rivals - specifications

  Audi A4 2.0 TDI SE Mercedes C220 CDI SE BMW 320d SE Ford Mondeo 2.0 Titanium X
On the road price/total as tested £23,940/£32,130 £25,107/£27,347 £25,940/£26,860 £22,945/£27,710
Residual value (after 3yrs/36,000) £12,832/53.6 per cent £11,675/46.5 per cent £11,855/45.7 per cent £7,985/34.8 per cent
Running costs/contract hire 58ppm/£406 60.3ppm/£422 60.1ppm/£436 63.9ppm/£449
Annual tax liability std/higher rate £948/£1,724 £1,160/£2,109 £1,027/£1,868 £1,413/£2,570
Annual fuel cost (12,000 miles) £1,533/£2,554 £1,548/£2,580 £1,274/£2,124 £1,454/£2,424
Insurance group/quote 12/£375/D/£140 14/£383/D/£140 14/£431/C/£115 20/£293/F/£205
Cost of 1st/2nd/3rd service £200/£250/£200 £220/£440/£220 £415 (3yrs 36,000) £119/£188/£195
Length/wheelbase 4,703/2,808mm 4,581/2,760mm 4,520/2,760mm 4,778/2,850mm
Height/width 1,427/1,826mm 1,444/1,770mm 1,421/1,817mm 1,500/1.886mm
Engine 4cyl in-line/1,968cc 4 cyl in line/2,148cc 4cyl in line/1,995cc 4cyl in line/1,997cc
Peak power 141/4,200 bhp/rpm 170/3,800 bhp/rpm 177/4,000 bhp/rpm 128/4,000 bhp/rpm
Peak torque 320/1,750 Nm/rpm 400/2,600 Nm/rpm 350/1,750 Nm/rpm 340/1,750 Nm/rpm
Transmission 6 spd, man/fwd 6 spd, man/rwd 6 spd, man/rwd 6 spd, auto/fwd
Fuel tank capacity/spare wheel 70 litres/space saver 66 litres/space saver 61 litres/run flats 70 litres/space saver
Boot capacity (seats up/down) 480/962 litres 475 litres/N/A 460 litres/N/A 528/1,448 litres
Kerbweight/payload/towing weight 1,460/550/1,700kg 1,585/485kg/N/A 1,505/520/1,600kg 1,592/598/2,000kg
Turning circle/drag coefficient 11.4 metres/0.27Cd 10.8 metres/0.27Cd 11.0 metres/0.27Cd 11.8 metres/N/A
Basic warranty (miles)/recovery 3yrs (60,000)/3 yrs RAC 3yrs (unltd)/30y Mobilo 3yrs (unltd)/3yrs BMW 3yrs (60,000)/1 yr RAC
Service intervals/UK dealers Variable/135 Variable/136 Variable/155 dealers 12,500 miles/781
Driver Power position (car/dealers) 31/16 32/18 15-Nov 56/25
Euro NCAP adult/child/ped/total N/A 5/3/2/10 5/4/1/10 5/4/2/11
0-60/30-70mph 10.1/10.0 secs* 8.2/8.2 secs 8.0/7.5 secs* 10.9/11.2 secs*
30-50mph in 3rd/4th 4.2/5.7 secs 3.3/5.3 secs 3.6/5.8 secs 4.3 secs+
50-70mph in 5th/6th 7.8/10.8 secs 5.9/8.7 secs 6.8/9.6 secs 6.7 secs+
Top speed/rpm at 70mph 134mph/2,100rpm 142mph/2,000rpm 143mph/1,900rpm 124mph/2,100rpm
Braking 70-0/60-0/30-0mph 49.2/36.4/9.0 metres* 51.4/37.6/9.8 metres 46.2/34.5/8.4 metres 49.8/36.6/9.3 metres*
Noise levels outside/idle/30/70mph 66/43/61/67dB 66/43/58/65dB 66/46/58/65dB 67/52/61/71dB
Auto Express economy/range 38.8mpg/598 miles 38.4mpg/558 miles 42.4mpg/568 miles 37.5mpg/577 miles
Govt urban/extra-urban/combined 37.7/65.7/51.4mpg 35.8/60.1/47.9mpg 47.1/68.9/58.9mpg 28.8/50.4/39.8mpg
Actual/claimed CO2/tax bracket 195/144g/km/18% 197/156g/km/21% 178/128g/km/18% 201/189g/km/28%
Airbags/Isofix/parking/rain sensors Six/yes/yes/yes Seven/yes/£605/£90 Six/yes/yes/yes Seven/yes/£400/yes
Air-con/clim ctrl/leather/heat seats No/yes/£1,290/£250 No/yes/£340/£320 No/yes/£1,220/£260 No/yes/yes/yes
Elec sunroof/met paint/xenon lights £850/£550/£775 £910/£620/£725 £675/£535/£980 £500/£350/£300
Auto gearbox/stability/cruise control No/yes/£190 £1,095/yes/£145 £1,490/yes/yes Yes/yes/yes
Sat-nav/CD changer & MP3/Bluetooth £1,975/£265^/£375 £1,075/£245^/yes £1,585/£295±/£535 £1,200/yes/£150


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