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Suzuki Vitara: Off the beaten track

Let the Suzuki Vitara help plan your adventures for 2019

This early part of the year is a time for reflection. We’re all asking ourselves what we want to achieve that we didn’t manage to over the past 12 months. And while many diet fads and gym offers will now have fallen by the wayside, TV and online ads are still urging us to book our summer holidays.

You don’t need a travel agent, though; the Suzuki Vitara can satisfy your sense of adventure this year by taking you further than most other SUVs at a great-value price.

Head for the hills

Have you ever tried driving off-road? There’s a network of trails and green lanes across the UK on which motorists are allowed to take their vehicles, in addition to dedicated 4x4 driving centres. You need the tools for the job, of course, and that’s where the Suzuki Vitara comes in.

This SUV doesn’t just look rugged and chunky; it features the option of a clever ALLGRIP 4-wheel Drive system with a choice of modes to suit all kinds of terrain, so it’s amazingly capable considering its low price. That means you can simply choose Snow using the dial on the dashboard to enjoy an engaging trails experience.

As well as an exhilarating ride, you and your passengers will get a new perspective on the scenery and be able to take in wildlife you haven’t seen before, safe in the knowledge that the Vitara will plough on where more expensive SUVs would come stuck.

Talk of the town

There’s nothing like discovering the hidden charms of a new town or city. But who needs the hassle of flying? Pick a date in the diary, find an area in the UK you’re unfamiliar with and load up the Suzuki Vitara for the trip.

If you thought SUVs were too big for the city, this beautifully packaged car is about to prove you wrong. Its neat, compact dimensions are perfect for the cut and thrust of urban traffic, but they don’t come at the expense of practicality. There’s still a generous 375-litre boot space with a useful shape that can swallow everything you need for a weekend break.

And not knowing your way round needn’t be a problem, because the Smartphone link display in SZ-T and SZ5 models features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing you to run sat-nav apps from your mobile and avoid jams. That’s on top of listening to your music playlists to help the miles fly by. You’ll also be able to pick out landmarks easily through the panoramic sunroof on SZ5 models. And when you want to stop and have a look round on foot, squeezing into tight town centre spaces will be a breeze, thanks to the parking sensors on SZ5 versions, and the rear parking camera available on SZ-T models and above.

Outdoor pursuits

Have you taken up a new activity this year in a bid to shed a few pounds? Whether it’s hiking, cycling or skiing, the Suzuki Vitara can help to increase your heart rate and get the most out of your hobby.

Exciting destinations such as the Lake District for great walks and steep cycling challenges are easily within reach in this car, and thanks to the comprehensive safety equipment fitted as standard, all the family can come along and join in the adventure. It has all the space and refinement to get you there in comfort, and after a day in the fresh air, cutting-edge tech such as the lane-departure warning and blind spot monitor in SZ-T ALLGRIP and SZ5 models will ensure you get home safely. These features keep watch on the motorway, ensuring you’re concentrating even if your passengers have nodded off.

And if you’re looking to hit the pistes while staying in the UK, this capable SUV will happily take you further north to the Cairngorms, for example; the ALLGRIP 4-wheel Drive system, with its Snow and Lock modes, helps the Vitara keep going further than most when the weather in the Scottish Highlands takes a turn for the extreme.

Light show

The Northern Lights are one of the wonders of the world, and we’re lucky enough to be able to see them from parts of the UK. Driving to the far north of Scotland late in the autumn gives you the best chance of a glimpse of this incredible spectacle; that’s a long journey even if you live in Edinburgh or Glasgow, let alone south of the border, but such a trip holds no fears in the Suzuki Vitara.

The 1.0 and 1.4-litre Boosterjet petrol engines serve up punchy turbocharged performance, and whether you go for the automatic transmission or one of two manuals, the Vitara settles down to offer impressive cruising ability on motorways and fast A-roads. It’s comfortable and refined at speed, and makes short work of long distances.

Importantly, though, this is an SUV with a conscience, which will appeal to anyone with a love of the natural world; the engine combines its strong performance with impressive fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures.

Wild camping

To truly connect with the great outdoors, many thrill seekers love nothing more than leaving their creature comforts behind and heading far off the beaten track to spend a night camping under the stars. With the Suzuki Vitara, all the family can enjoy this wonderful experience.

The interior has plenty of room for passengers and their equipment, while the spacious and versatile load area can accommodate everything you need for a rugged night away.

Crucially, the Suzuki Vitara is more than up to the task of getting you to your remote destination, and having some fun along the way. Engage Sport in ALLGRIP models using the Drive Mode Select dial, and you can make the most of those narrow country lanes. Then, once you hit the trails, the 4-wheel Drive in ALLGRIP models really comes into its own, with Snow and Lock modes keeping you moving over the most challenging terrain and through snow, ice, mud and rain.

The Suzuki Vitara really looks the part in an inhospitable outdoor environment, as the focal point of a wild camping site. But when you’re ready to get back to civilisation, it has the creature comforts you need. The climate control quickly warms up cold bodies once the tent is packed away and some favourite tracks streamed via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in SZ-T and SZ5 models stir minds buoyed by their reconnection with nature for the journey home.

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