Gran Turismo 6 review

Is GT6 the most realistic racing game ever? We put it to the test

Gran Turismo 6 is the driving game we’ve all been waiting for and here at Auto Express we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it.

It is hailed as being as close to real-life racing as you can get on a games console, but with fierce competition does it deliver?

The new version of the game boasts 1200 cars – 120 of which are new - as well as never-before featured circuits including our home F1 circuit Silverstone, the Goodwood hillclimb and the astonishing Ascari private race resort in Spain.

You can drive anything from Le Mans Prototypes and FIA GT3 cars to historics and NASCAR stock cars.

If that wasn’t enough, even the car manufactuers see the value this game offers - the Vision GT program showcases concept cars making their debut in the game. One in particular is the Mercedes AMG, a full size model unveiled at the LA Motor Show.

The BMW M4, replacing the M3 coupe, is not expected until 2014, but thanks to a collaboration with BMW, GT6 developer Polyphony Digital had access to the car in its development phase, thus recreating a virtual version for fans all over the world to drive ahead of its launch.

In terms of improvements over GT5, there is even more attention to detail with every star in the sky mapped out exactly as it would be in real life as well as correct positioning of the sun and moon depending on the time of day.

Weather, humidity and temperature all play vital roles in how your car will handle, as with previous games, but these vehicle physics have been enhanced to such an extent that driver aids have to follow suit – just like real racing cars.

Instinctive driving in a powerful rear wheel drive car to combat oversteer with opposite lock and balancing the throttle works exactly as it should (and did in GT5). The difference with the new game is that as you advance through it, earning various driver licences, trophies, money and prize cars, it gets even more difficult and very technical.

It is more realistic than before and most people will struggle to conquer it, although we can’t see the fun dwindling as you attempt to. Not only that, an improved user interface means noticeably faster loading menus, which are also more intuitive to navigate through.

Racing games are a tough market, with game creators pulling in big names to assist with the making and not to mention the marketing. Although Project CARS sounds like a good idea with fan and developer funding, it is incomplete and unable to use the real names of the circuits.

The creators of Forza Motorsport 5 might think they have it right with their beautiful graphics although with a limited number of tracks and the nature of driving career development, it can’t wear the crown.

Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of GT, should feel confident that Gran Turismo 6 ticks all the right boxes for any wannabe racer.

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