Quiz: can you name these basic car parts? (sponsored)

Do you know your carburettors from your crankshafts? Time to put your mechanical know-how to the test

Most people will learn to drive at some point in their lives, but besides the most basic tasks - such as opening the bonnet and checking the engine oil level - the UK driving test doesn’t require drivers to demonstrate a working understanding of how a car’s mechanical components function. 

At the opposite end of the scale though there are plenty of motorists - both trained and self-educated - who are well versed in the art of mechanics.

The question is, where do you really sit on the scale of mechanical know-how? Perhaps you’ve learned more than you think over the last few years, or maybe the reason your summer project car still won’t start is that you actually know less than you thought…

Whatever the case, it’s time to put yourself to the test. See if you can name these vital car components to prove your worth:

How did you get on with the quiz? Let us know below!


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