Connected Kerb promises 190,000 new public on-street electric car chargers

Connected Kerb's electric car charger plans include the largest ever deployment by a local authority with 7,000 chargers for West Sussex

A contract to supply up to 7,000 electric car chargers for residential streets, public sector car parks and community facilities in West Sussex has been announced today, part of an enormous new roll-out of public on-street charging promised by Connected Kerb.

The UK company says it is on course to install 190,000 on-street chargers across the UK between now and 2030, the date from which the sale of exclusively internal-combustion engined new cars will be banned. While that’s a significant number, it’s just a tenth of the total number of public charge points called for by the car industry, although the government’s Competition and Markets Authority puts the maximum 2030 requirement at a more achievable 480,000.

Connected Kerb specialises in a type of charging infrastructure that’s designed to be long lasting, affordable and reliable. The majority of its tech is located beneath the street as a one-off passive installation, to which an increasing number of above-ground charge points can be connected to match rising consumer demand. Drivers should be able to turn-up, plug in and access consistent tariffs across the network and sites using a contactless payment system via an app.

With charge rates between 7kW and 22kW depending on the type of above ground charge units fitted, the company says its installations are perfectly suited to electric car drivers who habitually park on the street, helping to ensure fair and equal access to EV options for everyone.

Many EV drivers will be familiar with Connected Kerb chargers already, as the company installed more than 1,000 charge points in 2021 and expects to have reached 5,500 by the end of next year. With contracts already in the pipeline for 30,000 more, the company is confident of reaching its near-200,000 target by 2030. The 7,000 chargers in West Sussex will also be delivered between now and 2030.

“Knowing you can arrive at virtually any location, at any time, in any vehicle and cheaply charge your battery without inconvenience or faff is the reality we have to deliver to create an EV society,” said Dr Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO of Connected Kerb. “Our rollout of public chargers – one of the most ambitious the UK has ever seen – encapsulates that future, helping individuals and businesses to confidently make the switch to electric, reducing their carbon footprint and cutting air pollution.

“With deals confirmed for 10,000 chargers this year alone and 30,000 more expected next year, we are demonstrating that we’re getting on with the job and delivering the change that needs to happen – not just talking about it.”

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