Right-hand-drive Shelby Cobras on sale in UK

Retailer Clive Sutton opens orders for Shelby-licenced continuation and replica versions of V8-powered icon, priced from £123,950

Superformance Cobra MkIII

Luxury car retailer and American import specialist Clive Sutton has opened orders for what it describes as “the world’s only Shelby-licensed Cobras” in right-hand-drive UK guise.

The London-based dealer offers either continuation or replica versions of the iconic US sports car, with cars ordered now available for mid-2022 delivery. They are recreated by Superformance, the only company licensed by Carroll Shelby to build reproductions.

The latest addition is the MKII ‘Slab Side’ Cobra, which is an officially sanctioned continuation of the original 1962 Shelby Cobra 289.

Powered by a 5.7-litre fuel injected ROUSH V8, believed to put out between 410 and 465bhp depending on spec, the MKII Cobra is intended to provide an “exceptionally authentic” driving experience thanks to the use of original style transverse leaf spring suspension and a Tojeiro-style round tube chassis. It’s priced from £124,950.

For £1,000 less than that, Clive Sutton will sell you a less authentic (but higher performance) MKIII Cobra. Built under licence from Shelby, it features a wide body look with wider wings and wheel arches. It also uses a larger 7.0-litre version of the ROUSH V8, paired with a Tremec five-speed transmission, independent suspension all-round and Wildwood power-assisted disc brakes.

Superformance Cobra slab-side

The most expensive offering is the more hardcore MKIII-R. It takes the existing MKIII and adds a number of styling enhancements that offer functional aerodynamic improvements. These include a unique rear diffuser and body-contour front splitter. It’s priced from £136,950.

Lance Stander, CEO of Superformance, said the company is “delighted to welcome UK retailer Clive Sutton to the Superformance family. The Clive Sutton team has a long history of importing American sports cars to the UK, including Shelby Cobras. We look forward to building right-hand-drive Superformance MKIIIs for the UK market and growing our presence there”.

Right-hand-drive Cobras ordered now will be delivered in the middle of 2022. Constructed with modern construction methods and enhancements, the models receive a two-year, 30,000-mile warranty.

Clive Sutton now offers the “full spectrum” of Shelby productions, from continuations of the Shelby Daytona and GT40 by Superformance alongside new models such as the Shelby GT500 Mustang.

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