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Off the beaten track in the multi-talented Subaru Forester (sponsored)

Whether you’re looking for capability, safety or reliability, the Subaru Forester demands your attention…

You need a multi-talented SUV that you can rely on. It needs to be hugely capable, faultlessly reliable and, above all, safe. So what do you choose?

This was exactly the decision that David Wood from Sussex had to make. He’s one of a growing band of drivers who think the Subaru Forester is the best-kept secret on the road.

David told us: “Probably the biggest reason why I love my Subaru is that it not only fits into my life, but also allows me to do the stuff I love. I spend most of the week at my desk, so I like to make the most of the great outdoors at the weekend.

“One of my hobbies is fell running. It’s great fun, and I love the challenge. Some people think it’s just running in the countryside, but I can tell you running through the Brecon Beacons isn’t easy in the middle of the winter – or at any other time of the year!”

But David isn’t an out-and-out thrill seeker, rather someone who is happy to leave his risk-taking on the fells, and won’t accept anything less than complete safety on the road. He said: “I like to push my boundaries when I’m running – on the road I’m completely different. When I’m driving, keeping safe is my number one priority. It’s one of the main reasons I bought the Forester, with its five-star Euro NCAP safety rating and its clever driver assistance technology.”

It’s the EyeSight system that really makes the Forester better where it matters for David. This uses dual cameras to scan the road ahead, spotting potential dangers and helping to keep him safe by providing warnings and collision avoidance assistance where necessary.

He told us there have been times when he’s been driving home after a long day of fell running and EyeSight’s Pre-collision Braking System has alerted him to hazards that he was slow to pick out himself. On the odd occasion, it’s even stepped in to deliver braking assistance, helping him avoid a nasty incident. He finds the lane departure warning and lane keep assist systems excellent, especially on long motorway journeys, where it really does help you to remain attentive.

David didn’t want a safety-at-all-costs car, though. For him, the Forester is the perfect all-rounder. Its always-on Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system provides unrivalled confidence, both on and off the road, with power transmitted to all four wheels, all of the time. The Forester also has impressive ground clearance, while its X-Mode technology takes command of the engine, gearbox and brakes to maintain a constant, controlled speed and maximum traction over challenging terrain. Plus, there’s Hill Descent Control, which makes short work of steep slopes. All this enables David to venture ever further off the beaten track.

For someone like David, the Forester is the complete package. As he puts it: “Super safe, incredibly practical and unbeatable off road...the Subaru Forester suits me perfectly!”

To find out more about the Subaru Forester, visit the Subaru website


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