Winter Driving Special

Winter Driving Special

How to jump start a car

Got a flat battery? This is how to jump start a car with jump leads or bump start it without them
1 Apr 2020
BMW oversteer
Winter Driving Special

How to control understeer and oversteer in your car

Controlling a skid is something most drivers don't have to do often, but understanding understeer and oversteer is useful all the same
1 Apr 2020
Winter Driving Special

How to avoid a flat car battery

Car batteries can go flat for a number of reasons, which is why we have gathered these top tips to help prevent the worst happening
24 Mar 2020
Winter Driving Special

What is aquaplaning and how to avoid it

We look at aquaplaning what it means, how it affects your car and what to do if it happens to you
24 Mar 2020
Are you prepared for winter
Winter Driving Special

Should you use snow chains in the UK?

Your comprehensive guide to using snow chains in the UK. Do you really need them?
24 Mar 2020
Driving in floods
Winter Driving Special

Top tips on how to drive in floods and heavy rain

Wet weather is invariably the order of the day for a UK winter. Here's how to drive safely in heavy rain and possible flood conditions
23 Dec 2019
winter icy windscreen
Winter Driving Special

Preparing your car for winter: top tips and things to check

Driving in cold weather can be a challenge, read on for our winter car maintenance checklist
10 Dec 2019

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Hot new SUVs and 4x4 cars coming soon - header
Winter Driving Special

Hot new SUVs and 4x4 cars coming soon

There’s a whole host of exciting new SUVs and 4x4s on the way, and we’ve picked out some of the highlights
30 Oct 2019
Winter driving
Winter Driving Special

Winter car checklist: driving kit and best buys

Get your car ready for winter with our selection of award-winning product
28 Oct 2019
Winter Tyre Test 2019 - header

Winter tyres test 2019: best tyre brands and UK prices

Our exhaustive tests reveal the best winter tyre that can cope with snow and freezing conditions
27 Sep 2019
Best winter driving courses - F-Type snow interior
Winter Driving Special

Best intensive winter driving courses

Your car may be capable of driving in the snow and ice this winter but are you? We round up five UK courses that’ll test your skills
13 Nov 2018
Driving in snow
Winter Driving Special

How to drive in snow: top tips

Driving in the snow can be risky. These top tips will keep you safe when the roads are blanketed with the white stuff
27 Feb 2018
Cyclist winter
Winter Driving Special

Safety tips for motorists now the clocks have changed

The clocks went back on October 29 and we’re driving more in the dark. Protect cyclists and pedestrians with these winter road safety tips
14 Nov 2017
ice driving
Winter Driving Special

Top tips on how to drive on ice

Ice is the motorist's worst enemy but our top tips for driving on ice should help keep you out of trouble
3 Nov 2017
Winter testing in Arjeplog - header
Winter Driving Special

Winter car testing and more in the Arctic Circle

Arjeplog, Sweden plays host to the world's car manufacturers every winter - we find out why they all flock to Colmis Proving Ground
29 Mar 2017
Winter Driving Special

Tyre comparison: choosing the right tyres for your car

We compare different tyre types, low tyre tread depths and incorrect tyre pressures to see what different they make to winter safety
11 Nov 2016
Winter Driving Special

The world's coldest roads

Think your daily commute is bad? Spare a thought for the drivers who battle blizzards and ice on the world's coldest roads
11 Nov 2016
Winter Driving Special

What is 4WD? All-wheel drive (4x4) systems explained

Get to grips with the intricacies of different four-wheel drive systems with our handy guide
11 Nov 2016
Winter Driving Special

Fact or fiction? 10 winter driving myths busted

We separate motoring fact from fiction to keep you moving in the cold winter weather
11 Nov 2016
Winter Driving Special

Winter Special 2014/15

Everything you need to survive winter on the roads is right here in our Winter Special 2014/2015
6 Nov 2014