BMW 1 Series

BMW 1 Series - front tracking
14 Jul, 2015 9:40am

Don’t be surprised to see a car from a premium brand near the summit of the hatchback class. BMW was quick to see the benefits of producing cars with low emissions and the 1 Series is seriously efficient as a result. Features such as start-stop technology, low rolling resistance tyres, active aerodynamics and efficient diesel engines ensure it is hugely appealing on cost grounds. Company buyers benefit from low emissions and everyone will appreciate the impressive fuel economy that models like the EfficientDynamics model, in particular, is capable of.

For all its efficiency, the latest 1 Series is also hugely desirable thanks to its smart looks, high quality interior and generous specification. It’s also bigger than before, so family buyers should seriously consider the baby BMW. And if you enjoy driving, the sharp handling and entertaining rear-wheel drive chassis promise to keep you entertained.

SE trim is the best all-round solution thanks to its combination of comfort and value, but M Sport models look more racy thanks to their lower stance, bigger wheels and more aggressive bumpers.