Mercedes S-Class to get pedestrian detection tech

2013 Mercedes S-Class safety tech
29 Oct, 2012 10:14am Tom Phillips

The new S-Class will feature a camera-based pedestrian detection system

The new Mercedes S-Class will feature the world's first camera-based pedestrian detection system when it arrives next year.

Current systems use radar to detect obstacles in the road, but the system fitted to the new S-Class - developed by automotive parts specialist Continental for Mercedes - uses radar to identify potential hazards, which are then analysed by cameras that are better at discerning things that the car could potentially crash into.

The system is said to be more accurate than the current pedestrian detection systems, as the camera prevents the automatic braking function being deployed unnecessarily. Detection of pedestrians standing behind parked cars is also possible.

The S-Class will also feature Emergency Steer Assist, which works in tandem with the pedestrian detection system to assist the driver in swerving around an obstacle in an emergency.

The Emergency Steer Assist calculates in milliseconds what line the optimum evasive manoeuvre could follow, and assists and smoothes the inputs being made by the electric power steering motor to keep the car stable and under control.

The S-Class will also get an upgraded version of Continental’s Emergency Brake Assist system. Should the driver not react to a hazard, the system can now brake the car to a standstill from up to 70kmh (44mph), rather than the current 30kmh (19mph).