Monster S-Class Pullman stretches out

S-Class Pullman
5 Aug, 2014 2:30pm Jack Rix

First pictures of the huge S-Class Pullman limousine revealed

It looks like an aftermarket stretched limo, but this leaked picture is believed to be an official patent drawing of the new Mercedes S-Class Pullman. 

It’s been a poorly kept secret that Mercedes is planning an extended S-Class family, but this is our first look at the monstrous new model that should be nearly 6.5 metres long, and contain three rows of seats in a 2+2+2 configuration.  

This profile view shows what looks like a standard front door, a fixed section between the B and C-pillars and a lengthened rear door for easier access into the massive interior. 

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It’s understood that Mercedes’ tuning partner Brabus will be responsible for building the Pullman, which will feature an evolution of the 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 already fitted to the S600.

The Pullman won’t be the most luxurious S-Class, though – that will be an extended-wheelbase model (sitting between the standard S-Class and this Pullman in length), which will resurrect the Maybach badge as a Mercedes sub-brand. The new Maybach will debut at November’s LA Motor Show, although there’s no word on prices for either model, or when the Pullman will hit showrooms. 

Details might still be sketchy about the Pullman, but Mercedes has also revealed a bulletproof S-Class Guard edition. Let us know what you think...