Cheap Christmas car gifts under £50 2019

With Christmas just under a month away, we list 20 top motoring gift ideas on a budget

Buying a present for the motoring enthusiast in your life doesn’t need to break the bank. We’ve rounded up 20 Christmas gifts here for young and old alike, all fun, fabulous, and less than £50.

So whether you want a present that’s small enough to stuff in a stocking or something a little more substantial, you’ll find it here.

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Remember, there’s only a month or so to go before the big day – and getting prepared early really counts. If you plan on spending a little more, hang tight, because next week we’ll bring you our over-£50 guide, with some of the most exciting car gifts we could find.

Auto Express six-month subscription

Price: Around £45Contact:

What Christmas tree would be complete without half a year’s worth of the UK’s best motoring magazine underneath it? Of course, we can’t print six months of magazines in advance, but buy this subscription and you’ll get 26 issues, delivered weekly to your door, filled with the very latest car news, reviews and features. You can also opt for three or 12-month packages if you prefer.

Subscribe at Auto Express

Clutch Gas Ankle Socks

Price: Around £10Contact:  

Naturally, drivers of automatic cars need not apply for these clever socks. The left foot bears the legend ‘clutch’ while on the right it simply says ‘gas’; we’ll forgive this Americanism, because ‘accelerator’ would only fit on the very largest of feet. Happily, so will these socks – they’re one size fits all, available in grey, white or black, and will (hopefully) ensure you’ll never get your pedals muddled up again.

Buy now from CarThrottle 

LEGO Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Price: Around £40Contact:

LEGO’s huge Technic kits are highly sought after, but the price of the most sophisticated can easily top £200. Opt for this simpler but no less impressive Corvette ZR1 and you’ll enjoy almost all of the effect, for a fraction of the cost. As with all these sets, the likeness isn’t exactly a carbon copy, but the pleasure of these LEGO Technic kits is in the build. Plus smaller, simpler kits are far better if younger hands are taking part in the construction process.

Buy now from Amazon

How To Be A Motorist by W Heath Robinson

Price: Around £10Contact:

This reprinted masterpiece is W Heath Robinson at his best, and even today it’s both funny and pertinent. We gave this five stars when we reviewed it earlier in the year, and the mechanical knowledge contained inside isn’t just tongue-in-cheek, either; you could almost call this educational, but its real appeal lies in the sarcastic, deadpan text and the brilliant line illustrations.

Buy now from Amazon

Jaguar Bottle Opener

Price: Around £15Contact:

We never advocate drinking and driving, but if you’re going to indulge once you’ve reached your destination, you’ll need an awesome bottle opener. Jaguar’s iconic Leaper is the ideal shape for it, and this model will not only crack open a cold beer, it will also act as a stylish keyring.

Buy now from Holden

Citroen Origins Wooden Miniatures

Price: Around €48.00 (Approx. £41)Contact:

Citroen has always had a somewhat indomitable sense of style, and nowhere is that more apparent than in its interpretations of its own classic models. This collection of Origins wooden cars suggests the vehicles that inspire them in a subtle yet brilliant way, and we think they make great conversation pieces for display. But thanks to their sturdy wooden construction and smooth-rolling wheels, they’re also really good toys.

Buy now from Baghera

Racing livery mug

Price: Around £10Contact:

You’ll find many a motor racing fan who thinks the iconic team colours of Martini, Marlboro or Gulf should adorn every surface possible. While not everyone would take too kindly to repainting the living room, investing in one of these brilliant liveried mugs could be a good way to keep the peace. Their vintage look will appeal to any fans of patina, while the liveries themselves are as classic as they come.

Buy now from Me and My Car

MINI Tonal Colour Block backpack

Price: Around £35Contact:

If you’re a MINI owner looking to accessorise, the company has a large variety of luggage and storage available to buy. But we’re big fans of one of the smallest: this stylish backpack, which comes in cotton with a waxed finish to help keep the water out. It’s available in a choice of grey, blue, a fantastic coral red or this green in order to complement whatever shade of MINI you own (or want to own). The brand’s logo is prominent but not overpowering, while the fully adjustable straps mean almost everybody should be able to wear it comfortably.

Buy now from Mini

Hot Wheels 10 Pack Assortment

Price: Around £19Contact:

The popular Hot Wheels toy cars aren’t just for children, you know; you’ll find plenty of adult collectors around. And why not? You can get hold of an assorted pack of these great little cars, packed with detail and almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Play with them or simply collect and display them, the choice is yours.

Buy now from Amazon

Personalised Stuck in Traffic Mints

Price: Around £7Contact:

You can’t really beat sucking on a classic mint imperial when you’re stuck in traffic. So if you know somebody who spends more of their time at 4mph in a stop-start jam than they do out on the open road, this could be the perfect gift. The tub itself can be personalised with the recipient’s name and you can add a further short message. It’s an ideal size to keep in their car’s cup-holder or glovebox, too.

Buy now from Personalised Gift Shop


Price: Around £45 (PC)Contact:

Also available on Xbox One and PS4, the fourth instalment in the GRID series returns to its roots. It strikes a good balance between realism and fun; arcade-style racing with a modern makeover and graphics that won’t disappoint. It’s fun for the more casual gamer, and cars act realistically. There’s a good choice of models, a decent array of tracks and a really challenging AI to race against. Well worth the price.

Buy now from Codemasters

MG Penknife

Price: Around £13Contact:

A good-quality penknife is a worthy gift for many people, but lovers of ageing motors will appreciate this MG knife in the brand’s colours, with the logo front and centre. You’ll find a full suite of functions including knife, saw, bottle opener, corkscrew, screwdriver, and file; there’s also a sturdy clip to attach it to a belt or keyring. If this MG example doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can opt for a blue Ford-themed knife instead.

Buy now from MG Car Club

Land Rover Defender 16GB USB Key

Price: Around £25Contact:

The latest generation of the Land Rover Defender has been unveiled to great fanfare, but nothing quite compares to the old model and its classic shape. So add a little rugged magic to your computer with this 16GB USB key. The business end cleverly slides out of the rear door, while the car even boasts moving wheels and LED head and tail-lights that illuminate when plugged in. A must-have desk accessory.

Buy now from Land Rover

Volkswagen socks and bib baby gift set

Price: Around £20Contact:

Start them young, right? You can’t really get more fresh out of the box than this baby gift set from VW, featuring a pair of socks and a bib to make mealtimes stylish and fun. The cotton bib is reversible and decorated with a VW Motorsport print, while the socks are designed with a boot pattern and have a rubberised ‘turbo’ on the sole. Get in touch with your local VW dealer if you’re interested in ordering this, or other merch from the brand. 

Playmobil Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

Price: Around £45Contact:

While a Lego play set will produce a blocky approximation of a car, this Playmobil Porsche 911 GT3 is remarkably accurate, with a surprising level of detail. It’ll take a Playmobil figure inside, and the roof can be removed for easier access. There are cool lighting effects front, rear and inside, too. Plus, you’ll also find a rack for the two sets of wheels, a podium, trophy and race command centre included in the box. Brilliant.

Buy now from John Lewis & Partners

Nextbase 122 dash cam

Price: Around £49Contact:

A dash cam makes a brilliantly practical present, and these little boxes of tricks are becoming more and more popular on the roads. Not only do they give you a lifeline in the event of an accident with no witnesses, but some insurers will also even lower their premiums if you have one fitted. Although cheaper cameras exist, we think the Nextbase 122 is an ideal starting point. It offers great image quality and, really, that’s what matters most. 

Buy now from Argos

Beaulieu Motor Museum Annual Pass

Price: Around £20Contact:

If you buy a ticket to the Beaulieu Motor Museum in Hampshire as a present and ‘opt in’ to Gift Aid, the lucky recipient may use it as many times as he or she likes in a year. Granting access to one of the country’s best attractions is a really great gift, and with events and constantly changing exhibitions, they’re bound to find something to enjoy.

Buy now from Beaulieu

Set of Ferrari Fridge Magnets

Price: Around £24Contact:

Put a flavour of Ferrari wherever you fancy with this set of three cheerful magnets. They include the silhouette of an F1 car, a racing helmet and, of course, the instantly recognisable prancing horse. Stick them on a fridge, a toolbox, or just about anywhere metal, and bring a little slice of Italian magic to the kitchen or garage.

Buy now from Ferrari

Top Trumps Retro Collection

Price: Around £5Contact:

Available on Amazon, these retro sets pay homage to one of the most popular card games around. Top Trumps has been going for more than 40 years and this classic set pits crazy vehicles against each other – from the Porsche 917 Le Mans to the Plymouth Super Stock. A burst of nostalgia and also good fun, not to mention collectable.

Buy now from Amazon

The Car’s The Star Sitcom Art Print

Price: Around £43Contact: Search ‘Paulychilds’ on

Cars in British sitcoms are characters as much as the actors, and who can forget these four? You’ll find Joey Boswell’s Mk2 Jaguar, Del Boy’s Reliant Regal Supervan, Mr Bean’s Mini and Basil Fawlty’s Austin 1300 in the throes of a damn good thrashing. They’re rendered in profile and, if you don’t like this print, you can have it on a T-shirt, plaque, or even a sticker. Other iconic motors are also on offer.

Buy now from Tee Public

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