Ford Focus ST vs Jaguar XFR stunt test

Owen Mildenhall turns his hand to stunt driving, as we help recreate a car chase from The Sweeney with a Ford Focus ST and Jaguar XFR

Ford Focus ST vs Jaguar XFR stunt test
Things don’t always go to plan. But if the cameras are rolling, you might just end up with a better video than the one you were expecting. And that’s what happened when we were asked to take part in a car chase stunt featuring the new Ford Focus ST from The Sweeney.
It was always going to be tough ask: just one-and-a-half hours to practice a stunt sequence on a test track before doing it live on Goodwood Hill. But the challenge of pretending to be a movie star was too much for our resident racing river Owen Mildenhall to resist, so he gave it a crack. We hope you enjoy the results.

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