Economy Special - specifications

 Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion 2Toyota Prius T3MINI Cooper DCitroen C1 1.4 HDi RhythmFiat Panda 1.3 MultijetRenault Clio 1.5 dCi 105 Dynamique 5dr
Price "£12,845""£17,777""£14,190""£8,825""£8,295""£13,560"
Engine"1.4-litre diesel, turbo"1.5-litre petrol "1.6-litre diesel, turbo""1.4-litre diesel, turbo""1.3-litre diesel, turbo ""1.5-litre diesel, turbo "
Transmission"5-spd, man/fwd"CVT/fwd"6-spd, man/fwd""5-spd, man/fwd""5-spd, man/fwd""6-spd, man/fwd"
Rpm @ 70mph"2,000rpm"N/A"2,100rpm""2,300rpm""2,300rpm""2,200rpm"
Drag factor0.30Cd0.26Cd0.33CdN/A0.33CdN/A
Claimed urb/ex urb/comb55.4/83.1/70.6mpg56.5/67.3/65.7mpg60.1/80.7/72.4mpg53.3/83.1/68.9mpg52.3/76.3/65.7mpg49.5/68.9/61.4mpg
AE urb/ex urb/m’way/comb 40.2/60.2/68.5/58.0mpg41.0/59.7/53.3/54.3mpg43.6/66.7/58.7/60.0mpg39.3/68.0/62.0/60.5mpg39.7/67.4/59.4/59.7mpg36.2/61.2/52.1/53.9mpg
AE fuel costs 12k/20k miles"£935/£1,559""£980/£1,633""£904/£1,507""£897/£1,496""£909/£1,515""£1,007/£1,679"
Fuel tank capacity/range45 litres/574 miles45 litres/538 miles40 litres/528 miles35 litres/466 miles35 litres/460 miles55 litres/617 miles
Claimed CO2/actual CO2104/131g/km104/120g/km104/126g/km109/125g/km114/127g/km123/148g/km
Road tax band/annual cost:B/£35B/£35B/£35B/£35B/£35B/£35
0-60mph/50-70mph in top11.2/12.3 secs11.1/6.8 secs (kickdown)9.2/10.4 secs14.4/15.5 secs13.1/13.1 secs10.4/10.4 secs

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