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Dodge Ram 4x4 review (2005-2007)


Overall Auto Express Rating

3.0 out of 5

Here in the UK Dodge's supercar gets the SRT-10 badge as someone already owns the rights to 'Viper'. Despite this legal technicality its unlikely that anyone other Dodge's staff will ever refer to it as SRT-10. Only around 15 expected to be sold every year so the SRT-10 won't be a common sight. That's hardly surprising, as at nearly £80,000 it's a great deal of money for what is actually a rather crude supercar. With 500bhp it's certainly not short of power, but it's a brave driver that tries to use it all, the SRT-10 proving something of a handful on UK roads.

It's not helped by the fact that the SRT-10's traction control system and stability control is entirely left to its driver, particularly as it's a real handful on anything but less than perfect road surfaces. It squirms about under braking, and unleash the savage power from its massive 8.3-litre V10 and you'll have spinning wheels in virtually any gear up until you run out of bravery. Sitting on the left hand side on narrow UK roads is a challenge, just keeping it in a straight line over our bumpy, cambered and badly surfaced roads ensuring you're left fizzing with adrenaline after even the shortest drives. Find a straight long enough, or a tunnel and you can enjoy the blare from the side exiting exhausts up to its redline, but do so and you'll be breaking the law in the blink of an eye. Huge power, a crude chassis, slow gearbox and steering, an awful interior and that big sticker price mean it's got limited appeal in the UK. However, there's undoubtedly a place for it for those wanting something a bit different with a venomous bite.

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