Mustang GT500 'Super Snake' revealed with 840bhp upgrade

Limited run Mustang GT500 Super Snake conversion boosts power to more than 840bhp and costs nearly £30,000

The new Ford Mustang was revealed almost 12 months ago at the 2014 Detroit Motor Show. But that hasn’t stopped Shelby American taking one final look at the outgoing car in an attempt to make one of the maddest Mustangs yet.

Performance vehicle manufacturer, Shelby American, has taken the already potent 650bhp Mustang GT500 and tuned it to the region of 840bhp. The Signature Edition ‘Super Snake’ package can be fitted to all existing GT500s, as a limited run of 50 conversions. The upgrades are said to comprise all the most popular Shelby options, at a special price.

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But don’t think this stuff comes cheap. Each Super Snake transformation will set owners back $44,995 – or £28,971 at the current exchange rate. And that price doesn’t include the price of the car.

For your money you get upgrades to the engine, suspension, brakes and cooling system. The cars also benefit from unique visual tweaks, both inside and out.

All Super Snake Mustangs get forged wheels with Signature Edition centre caps, a Kenne Bell supercharger, upgraded rear brakes and the Shelby Performance cooling package with a new radiator, heat exchanger and aluminium cooling tanks.

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Inside there’s a special signature airbag cover and Signature Edition floor mats. On the outside you get stripes in any current Shelby colour and specific Super Snake badges. All upgraded models get an engine and interior plaque, too, engraved with the car’s unique CSM conversion number. The final boon is a one-day track experience – presumably to help you tame all that extra power.

The modifications can be made to any Shelby GT500 built between 2007 and 2014, in either coupe or convertible guise. All upgrades will take place at the Shelby American factory in Los Angeles, so even if you’ve got a car that fits the bill and can afford the not-insignificant conversion price tag, you’ll also have to pay to ship your car across the Atlantic. You’ll have to place your order with Shelby American by the end of January, too.

Joe Conway, CEO of Shelby American said: “"With production of the current generation GT500 ending, we wanted to commemorate the sunset of an important era.

“It's a car worthy of being honoured with a very special limited edition Shelby. The package can only be ordered available for a limited time, so ownership puts a person in a very elite club."

An exciting proposition, no doubt, but one that is reserved for only the wealthiest of diehard Ford Mustang fans.

What's you're view on the 840bhp Mustang Super Snake? Let us know in the comments section below...

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