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Jaguar E-Pace : Prices & Specs

The Jaguar E-Pace has its work cut out in the ultra-competitive small premium SUV market

Jaguar E-Pace Chequered Flag Ed
2.0d [180] Chequered Flag Edition 5dr AutoDiesel47.11588.6127£39,375
2.0 [250] Chequered Flag Edition 5dr AutoPetrol34.91856.7143£41,385
Jaguar E-Pace Chequered Flag Edn
2.0d Chequered Flag Edition 5dr AutoDiesel47.11589.9120£38,625
2.0 [200] Chequered Flag Edition 5dr AutoPetrol35.31827.7134£39,385
Jaguar E-Pace HSE
2.0 HSE 5dr AutoPetrol34.91856.7143£42,285
2.0 [200] HSE 5dr AutoPetrol35.31827.7134£40,285
2.0d [180] HSE 5dr AutoDiesel47.11588.6127£40,325
2.0d HSE 5dr AutoDiesel46.31589.9120£39,575
2.0 [300] HSE 5dr AutoPetrol32.51996.1149£45,935
2.0d [240] HSE 5dr AutoDiesel42.81756.8139£42,725
Jaguar E-Pace Not Available
2.0d [180] 5dr AutoDiesel47.11588.6127£32,310
2.0d 5dr 2WDDiesel52.31439.5124£28,300
2.0d 5dr AutoDiesel47.11589.9120£31,560
2.0d [180] 5drDiesel49.61499.4128£30,550
2.0 5dr AutoPetrol34.91856.7143£34,320
2.0 [200] 5dr AutoPetrol35.31827.7134£32,315
2.0d 5drDiesel51.414610.1120£29,800
Jaguar E-Pace R-Dynamic
2.0 [200] R-Dynamic 5dr AutoPetrol35.31827.7134£33,875
2.0d R-Dynamic 5dr 2WDDiesel52.31439.5124£29,690
2.0d R-Dynamic 5dr AutoDiesel47.11589.9120£33,115
2.0 R-Dynamic 5dr AutoPetrol34.91856.7143£35,875
2.0d [180] R-Dynamic 5dr AutoDiesel47.11588.6127£33,865
2.0d [180] R-Dynamic 5drDiesel49.61499.4128£31,935
2.0d R-Dynamic 5drDiesel51.414610.1120£31,185
Jaguar E-Pace R-Dynamic HSE
2.0 [300] R-Dynamic HSE 5dr AutoPetrol32.51996.1149£47,545
2.0 [200] R-Dynamic HSE 5dr AutoPetrol35.31827.7134£41,895
2.0d R-Dynamic HSE 5dr AutoDiesel46.31589.9120£41,135
2.0 R-Dynamic HSE 5dr AutoPetrol34.91856.7143£43,895
2.0d [180] R-Dynamic HSE 5dr AutoDiesel47.11588.6127£41,885
2.0d [240] R-Dynamic HSE 5dr AutoDiesel42.81756.8139£44,285
Jaguar E-Pace R-Dynamic S
2.0d [180] R-Dynamic S 5dr AutoDiesel47.11588.6127£36,925
2.0d [180] R-Dynamic S 5drDiesel49.61499.4128£34,995
2.0 R-Dynamic S 5dr AutoPetrol34.91856.7143£38,935
2.0d R-Dynamic S 5drDiesel51.414610.1120£34,245
2.0d [240] R-Dynamic S 5dr AutoDiesel42.81756.8139£39,325
2.0 [200] R-Dynamic S 5dr AutoPetrol35.31827.7134£36,935
2.0d R-Dynamic S 5dr AutoDiesel47.11589.9120£36,175
2.0d R-Dynamic S 5dr 2WDDiesel52.31439.5124£32,750
Jaguar E-Pace R-Dynamic SE
2.0d R-Dynamic SE 5dr AutoDiesel47.11589.9120£38,325
2.0 [200] R-Dynamic SE 5dr AutoPetrol35.31827.7134£39,055
2.0d [240] R-Dynamic SE 5dr AutoDiesel42.81756.8139£41,445
2.0d [180] R-Dynamic SE 5dr AutoDiesel47.11588.6127£39,045
2.0 [300] R-Dynamic SE 5dr AutoPetrol32.51996.1149£44,705
2.0 R-Dynamic SE 5dr AutoPetrol34.91856.7143£41,055
2.0d R-Dynamic SE 5dr 2WDDiesel52.31439.5124£34,900
2.0d [180] R-Dynamic SE 5drDiesel49.61499.4128£37,145
2.0d R-Dynamic SE 5drDiesel51.414610.1120£36,395
Jaguar E-Pace S
2.0 [200] S 5dr AutoPetrol35.31827.7134£35,385
2.0 S 5dr AutoPetrol34.91856.7143£37,385
2.0d S 5dr 2WDDiesel52.31439.5124£31,360
2.0d [180] S 5dr AutoDiesel47.11588.6127£35,375
2.0d [240] S 5dr AutoDiesel42.81756.8139£37,775
2.0d S 5dr AutoDiesel47.11589.9120£34,625
2.0d S 5drDiesel51.414610.1120£32,865
2.0d [180] S 5drDiesel49.61499.4128£33,615
Jaguar E-Pace SE
2.0d [180] SE 5drDiesel49.61499.4128£35,765
2.0d [180] SE 5dr AutoDiesel47.11588.6127£37,495
2.0 [200] SE 5dr AutoPetrol35.31827.7134£37,505
2.0 SE 5dr AutoPetrol34.91856.7143£39,505
2.0d SE 5dr AutoDiesel47.11589.9120£36,775
2.0d [240] SE 5dr AutoDiesel42.81756.8139£39,895
2.0d SE 5drDiesel51.414610.1120£35,015
2.0d SE 5dr 2WDDiesel52.31439.5124£33,510
2.0 [300] SE 5dr AutoPetrol32.51996.1149£43,155

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