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Jaguar XF : Prices & Specs

The Jaguar XF Sportbrake is a match for any rival in this sector and a practical alternative to an SUV

Jaguar XF Chequered Flag
2.0i [250] Chequered Flag 5dr AutoPetrol1716.9150£45,335
2.0d [180] Chequered Flag 5dr Auto AWDDiesel1478.6136£45,230
2.0d [240] Chequered Flag 5dr Auto AWDDiesel1577150£48,230
2.0i [300] Chequered Flag 5dr Auto AWDPetrol1756155£49,635
2.0d [180] Chequered Flag 5dr AutoDiesel1398.5136£43,430
Jaguar XF Portfolio
2.0d [180] Portfolio 5dr AutoDiesel52.31398.5136£42,810
2.0d Portfolio 5dr AutoDiesel52.31399.3132£41,705
3.0d V6 Portfolio 5dr AutoDiesel46.31606.6155£51,110
2.0i Portfolio 5dr AutoPetrol37.71716.9150£44,715
2.0d [240] Portfolio 5dr Auto AWDDiesel46.31577150£47,610
2.0d Portfolio 5drDiesel54.313510132£39,955
2.0d [180] Portfolio 5dr Auto AWDDiesel49.61478.6136£44,610
2.0i [300] Portfolio 5dr Auto AWDPetrol37.21756155£49,015
Jaguar XF Prestige
2.0d [180] Prestige 5dr Auto AWDDiesel49.61518.6136£40,660
2.0i [300] Prestige 5dr Auto AWDPetrol37.21756155£45,865
2.0d Prestige 5drDiesel54.313510132£36,610
2.0i Prestige 5dr AutoPetrol37.71726.9150£40,765
2.0d [180] Prestige 5dr AutoDiesel52.31438.5136£38,860
2.0d [240] Prestige 5dr Auto AWDDiesel46.31617150£43,660
2.0d Prestige 5dr AutoDiesel52.31399.3132£38,360
Jaguar XF R-Sport
2.0d [180] R-Sport 5dr Auto AWDDiesel49.61478.6136£42,810
2.0d R-Sport 5dr AutoDiesel52.31399.3132£39,905
2.0d R-Sport 5drDiesel54.313510132£38,155
2.0d [240] R-Sport 5dr Auto AWDDiesel46.31577150£45,810
2.0d [180] R-Sport 5dr AutoDiesel52.31398.5136£41,010
2.0i R-Sport 5dr AutoPetrol37.71716.9150£42,915
2.0i [300] R-Sport 5dr Auto AWDPetrol37.21756155£47,215
Jaguar XF S
3.0d V6 S 5dr AutoDiesel45.61606.6155£53,610

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