Nissan NV200 vs Nissan Cedric video review

The all-new Nissan NV200 takes on the historic Nissan Cedric in this battle of taxi versus taxi

In the world of Auto Express head-to-heads, this has to be the most bizarre.

In this video review we pit the famous, tenth-generation Nissan Cedric, that's been around since 1973, against the new 2013 New York taxi, which is based on the Nissan NV200. Which is better, old or new? We find out in this video review.

 Nissan NV200 taxi full review

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Inside the Cedric, it's like taking a trip to the Seventies. It's incredibly cosy and it boasts velour seating. In terms of space, it's not too bad getting in and out of, and headroom and knee room are good, too.

The Cedric has a four-cylinder 2.0-litre engine which is, it's best to say, well-proven. The Cedric is an automatic and, generally, very easy to drive. As it's Japanese, the wipers are on the left-hand side while the indicator is on the right.

Take a step to 2013 and we're in the all-new New York cab. It's rather spacious and luxurious, with clean seats, a screen for adverts, somewhere to pay, air/con and a fantastic panoramic roof.

What's it like to drive? Well, it feels very car-like, which is odd, as it's based on the Nissan NV200 van. The dashboard provides far more than what you're used to with Nissan, and there's even sat-nav.

The New York taxi comes out on top in terms of steering. Unlike the Cedric, it feels a lot more responsive, and the ride quality is good, too.

We really like the 2013 New York taxi. As we mentioned earlier, it's based on the NV200 van, and we're going to be seeing a lot more of that van in the UK because Nissan is going to be basing an all-new London taxi on the NV200. Watch the video review and see what you think.


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