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Volkswagen T-Roc : Prices & Specs

The T-Roc Golf-based SUV is fun to drive, great to look at and family friendly – but cabin quality is most un-VW-like

Volkswagen T-Roc S
1.0 TSI S 5drPetrolNot Available118 g/km10.1116 mph115£20,535
1.0 TSI 110 S 5drPetrolNot Available110£20,535
2.0 TDI 115 S 5drDieselNot Available115£23,035
1.6 TDI S 5drDieselNot Available111 g/km10.9116 mph115£23,035
Volkswagen T-Roc SE
1.0 TSI SE 5drPetrolNot Available118 g/km10.1116 mph115£22,445
1.0 TSI 110 SE 5drPetrolNot Available110£22,445
1.5 TSI EVO SE 5drPetrolNot Available119 g/km8.4127 mph150£24,220
1.6 TDI SE 5drDieselNot Available111 g/km10.9116 mph115£24,755
2.0 TDI 115 SE 5drDieselNot Available115£24,755
1.5 TSI EVO SE 5dr DSGPetrolNot Available121 g/km8.4127 mph150£25,720
2.0 TDI SE 5drDieselNot Available120 g/km6.3127 mph150£26,560
2.0 TDI SE 5dr DSGDieselNot Available119 g/km6.3127 mph150£28,060
Volkswagen T-Roc United
1.0 TSI United 5drPetrolNot Available10.1116 mph115£22,645
1.5 TSI EVO United 5drPetrolNot Available8.4127 mph150£24,420
1.5 TSI EVO United 5dr DSGPetrolNot Available8.4127 mph150£25,920
Volkswagen T-Roc Black Edition
1.0 TSI Black Edition 5drPetrolNot Available10.1116 mph115£22,845
1.0 TSI 110 Black Edition 5drPetrolNot Available110£22,845
1.5 TSI EVO Black Edition 5drPetrolNot Available8.4127 mph150£24,620
2.0 TDI 115 Black Edition 5drDieselNot Available115£25,155
1.6 TDI Black Edition 5drDieselNot Available10.9116 mph115£25,155
1.5 TSI EVO Black Edition 5dr DSGPetrolNot Available8.4127 mph150£26,120
2.0 TDI Black Edition 5drDieselNot Available8.8127 mph150£26,960
2.0 TDI Black Edition 5dr DSGDieselNot Available8.8127 mph150£28,460
Volkswagen T-Roc Design
1.0 TSI 110 Design 5drPetrolNot Available110£23,145
2.0 TDI 115 Design 5drDieselNot Available115£23,145
1.0 TSI Design 5drPetrolNot Available118 g/km10.1116 mph115£23,145
1.5 TSI EVO Design 5drPetrolNot Available119 g/km8.4127 mph150£24,920
1.6 TDI Design 5drDieselNot Available111 g/km10.9116 mph115£25,455
1.5 TSI EVO Design 5dr DSGPetrolNot Available121 g/km8.4127 mph150£26,420
2.0 TDI Design 5drDieselNot Available120 g/km6.3127 mph150£27,260
2.0 TDI Design 5dr DSGDieselNot Available119 g/km6.3127 mph150£28,760
Volkswagen T-Roc SEL
1.5 TSI EVO SEL 5drPetrolNot Available124 g/km8.4127 mph150£26,200
1.5 TSI EVO SEL 5dr DSGPetrolNot Available124 g/km8.4127 mph150£27,700
2.0 TDI SEL 5drDieselNot Available123 g/km150£28,540
2.0 TDI SEL 5dr DSGDieselNot Available123 g/km150£30,040
2.0 TSI SEL 4MOTION 5dr DSGPetrolNot Available155 g/km7.2134 mph190£33,730
Volkswagen T-Roc R Line
1.5 TSI EVO R Line 5drPetrolNot Available124 g/km8.4127 mph150£28,125
1.5 TSI EVO R Line 5dr DSGPetrolNot Available124 g/km8.4127 mph150£29,625
2.0 TDI R Line 5drDieselNot Available123 g/km150£30,465
2.0 TDI R Line 5dr DSGDieselNot Available123 g/km150£31,965
2.0 TSI R Line 4MOTION 5dr DSGPetrolNot Available155 g/km7.2134 mph190£35,405
Volkswagen T-Roc R
2.0 TSI R 4MOTION 5dr DSGPetrolNot Available176 g/km4.9155 mph300£38,740

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