Ferrari LaFerrari drive review round-up

Read the press road test verdicts on the fastest Ferrari ever, the new Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar

Ferrari has finally set the world’s motoring press loose in the Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar. It’s the moment car fans have been waiting for since the 950bhp V12 LaFerrari was first revealed at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show

The LaFerrari has the unenviable task not only of carrying the flag as the fastest and most technologically advanced road-going Ferrari ever but also of eclipsing two talented rivals in the most titanic set-to the hypercar segment has ever seen. 

The McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder have already been driven by journalists so the Ferrari LaFerrari arrives with car reviewers well aware of the heights it must scale to be crowned hypercar champ.  

Can it rise to the challenge? Read on for our definitive round-up of Ferrari LaFerrari review verdicts from the world’s esteemed motoring press...

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Ferrari LaFerrari reviews: full road test verdict

What did the world's press think of the incredible Ferrari LaFerrari? find out right here.

EVO magazine Ferrari LaFerrari road test:

Leading UK performance car mag and Auto Express sister publication, EVO was among the first titles to get behind the wheel of the mighty Ferrari LaFerrari and a 5-star rating soon followed.

Its reviewer came away delighted by the shining character of the V12 engine: 

“More like a force of nature than something man-made, it owns your senses, its pulsing beat sending all manner of subtle vibrations into you through the structure of the car.” 

And concluded that the driving experience is nothing short of miraculous:

“Quite how LaFerrari manages to deploy its heroic performance with such control, yet make the driving experience so approachable, exploitable and totally engaging is something of a miracle.”

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Car and Driver Ferrari LaFerrari road test:

One of North America’s most respected motoring titles, Car and Driver also put the LaFerrari through its paces. When the performance left its reviewer lost for words, he reached for some of Elvis Costello’s and wondered where this hypercar arms race will end.

“Elvis Costello once said that writing about music was like dancing about architecture. That there was no way to capture on paper a great performance’s sweep, its pulse, its emotional effect. We may have reached the point where cars are getting so outrageously fast and so deliriously powerful that they outstrip our ability to invent new ways of describing them.”

CAR magazine Ferrari LaFerrari road test:

UK monthly car magazine, CAR was just as glowing in its praise of the new Ferrari flagship with another 5-star rating duly delivered. 

“It’s difficult not to get carried away when presented with any car that’s as quick as this, but LaFerrari is a work of genius. The fact that the myriad pieces of technology that together make this car so go fast have been integrated so seamlessly, is the real achievement here.”

Top Gear Ferrari LaFerrari road test:

Top Gear’s LaFerrari review left nobody in any doubt as to the awesome capabilities and stunning accessibility of the Ferrari LaFerrari.

“A 950bhp hypercar shouldn't be easy to drive, but this one is. That's the genius of LaFerrari, which takes the concept of driver aids that heighten rather than blunt the experience and propels it into a new dimension, which grafts F1 tech to a vast, traditional V12 to showcase the very best of Maranello old and new.”

Now we just need to know what Jeremy Clarkson thinks of it… 

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Automobile magazine Ferrari LaFerrari road test:

US mag Automobile gave us a thrilling blow-by-blow account of the LaFerrari on track complete with sound effects. That V12 sounds like quite the engine. 

"Now onto the straight, the paddock on the right, and the V-12 sounds so, so amazing, brapp brapp, brapp. The sound of a Ferrari V-12: nothing like it, and nothing is muffling it here, trust me. Electric motor? I have no clue. I don’t hear it.

Now, just the slightest movement of the steering wheel to the left to enter Turn 1 from the correct angle. Braking blipping blipping blipping click clack click of the paddle shifters. Always, the V-12. And the single wiper blade, furiously sweeping."

Read everything else you need to know about the Ferrari LaFerrari in our news and specs round-up page here.

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