Why should you service your car with Ford Motorcraft 4+ (sponsored)

Ford designed and built your car, so why not let the same people look after it?

If you own a Ford that’s more than four years old, there’s only one team properly equipped and trained to service it. That’s Ford Motorcraft 4+.

Based at more than 550 locations around the UK, Ford Motorcraft 4+ only employs technicians who are highly trained in the art of looking after your Ford’s servicing requirements.

Book your car in for a service, and not only will you benefit from their knowledge, but those same technicians will service your car using genuine approved Ford parts. That means you can relax, safe in the reliability, efficiency and longevity of your car.

• What is Ford Motorcraft?

That’s service that you simply won’t get anywhere else.

Plus you’ll enjoy a range of additional benefits as a Ford Motorcraft 4+ customer. Your car will be presented to you after a wash and vac - and you’ll also receive complimentary UK and European roadside assistance. 

And regardless of whether you choose a minor or major service at Ford Motorcraft 4+, your car will receive a free FORD eCHECK, which is a 30-point visual health check. Ford’s experts will check your car from bumper to bumper and deliver you an electronic report explaining their findings.

You’ll receive an estimate for any work required, but you’ll not be under an obligation to have it carried out. To make it easier to understand, FORD eCHECK uses a simple traffic light system: red signals an issue requiring urgent rectification, amber indicates a problem that ought to be addressed sooner rather than later, while green means all’s OK, and you’re good to go.

Plus you needn’t worry about getting the work carried out cheaper elsewhere. If you find a local garage charging less for the same work within five miles, then your Ford dealer will refund you the difference.

The benefits of a Ford Motorcraft 4+ service will last for years. When you come to sell your car, a service history bursting with Ford Motorcraft 4+ receipts will prove to a buyer that you’ve cherished your car - and it’ll be worth more as a result!

Ford Motorcraft 4+ services: the differences

Depending on your budget, you can choose between a minor and a major service. 

Both services include the must-have oil and oil filter change, and Ford Motorcraft 4+ will also check your antifreeze, brake fluid and windscreen washer fluid and they’ll top them up if necessary. They’ll also ensure your steering and steering alignment is OK and check your brakes.

Finally, they’ll check the condition of your car battery and ensure your tyres are correctly inflated – before issuing you with that all-important UK and European roadside assistance cover and resetting your service light.

The list of work is even more extensive if you choose a major service. Here your car’s spark plugs and air filter will be replaced and the wheels will come off for a more in-depth brake check. The team of experts at Motorcraft 4+ will also check your transmission oil and pollen filter. Plus, for diesel cars, they’ll change the fuel filter.

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All of which will ensure your Ford will be given a clean bill of health for miles of safe and hassle-free motoring.

What else does Ford Motorcraft 4+ offer?

Once you’ve had your car serviced, Ford Motorcraft 4+ will be able to MoT your car and advise if any further work is required. The specialists at Ford Motorcraft 4+ can also advise you should you need a new set of tyres.

What’s more, should your car need further repairs, Ford Motorcraft 4+ has that covered too - and it’s all backed up by its transparent pricing and local price match guarantee.

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