Jaguar XKR-S GT revealed

The £130k Jaguar XKR-S GT has been unveiled, and it promises to be the 'ultimate road-going XK'

The Jaguar XKR-S GT has been unveiled on the eve of the New York Motor Show. Currently limited to just 30 cars for the North American market (although a right-hand drive version could be made if demand in the UK is sufficient), the XKR-S GT has been designed as the ultimate road-going version of the XK Coupe.

Taking the XKR-S as a base, the current 542bhp 5.0-litre supercharged V8 engine and six-speed automatic gearbox are carried over unchanged. However, Jaguar has added a particularly striking bodykit to set the XKR-S GT apart.

There's a carbon fibre front splitter than juts out 60mm in front of the uprated front bumper, plus small carbon fibre winglets and wheelarch extensions designed to improve the efficiency of the flow of air around the car, and into the engine and brakes for extra cooling.

There are also extra vents in the bonnet, a carbon fibre rear diffuser and a huge rear wing, which Jaguar claims generates 145kg of downforce when the car is travelling at its 186mph limited top speed. The top speed is the same as the regular XKR-S, but the 0-60mph time drops from 4.2 to 3.9 seconds. Jaguar claims its capable of a sub 7 minutes 40 seconds lap of the Nurburgring aing and could hit over 200mph with the limiter removed.

The XKR-S GT draws heavily on Jaguar's experience of developing the F-Type, and features new front and rear suspension arms, uprights, wheel bearings, bushings and rear subframe designs inspired by those fitted to the firm's new convertible.

The XKR-S GT also features motorsport-inspired twin-rate springs and revised, height-adjustable dampers, which are 68 per cent and 25 per cent stiffer front and rear respectively, than the current XKR-S. The GT also features a 52mm-wider front track and the faster steering rack from the F-Type.

The GT becomes the first Jaguar to be fitted with carbon ceramic brakes. The discs are 398mm and 380mm front/rear respectively, and are gripped by bright yellow calipers. The brake system helps shed 21kg of unsprung mass from the car.

The final change is the bespoke 20-inch alloys, which are wrapped in Pirelli Corsa tyres that were specially developed for the car.

Of the intitial run of thirty cars, 25 are earmarked for US customers, with the other five for Canada. If the UK maket demands it though a small run of right-hand drive models could be produced - costing around £130,000 each. Specification of the UK car would differ slightly though, with the option of four point harnesses and a half roll cage. 

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