Mercedes A-Class interior picture

First pictures of the new Mercedes A-Class interior have been released, showing new iPhone integration system

The all-new Mercedes A-Class is set to be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show next month, and here's the first glimpse of its interior.
The images focus on the new iPhone integration system, which will be introduced to the new A-Class from launch in April. The system works via a Mercedes-developed app, with users able to select menus using a rotary controller on the centre console.
Video: Watch our video of the new A-Class at Geneva
The Mercedes-developed ‘Digital DriveStyle App’ separates menu options into three categories: Friends, Media and Places. 'Friends' gives access to Facebook and Twitter, 'Media' includes audio streaming and access to music and graphics stored on the iPhone, while 'Places' is based on a Garmin sat-nav with live traffic updates, 3D graphics and online search capability.
Auto Express has been given a demo ahead of the car’s launch at the Geneva Motor Show and, based on our short test, the system is intuitive and easy to use.
Apple’s new voice recognition system, Siri, can be used to send texts or E-mails, with instructions relayed back to the driver – although background road noise could prove problematic.
Prices haven't been announced, but it is rumoured that the system will cost a one-off fee of around £100. The new system is designed to help the new A-Class appeal to a younger audience, and is a budget version of the firm's current £1,995 COMAND system.
Director of Infotainment and Telematics, Ralf Lamberti, said: “The A-Class will be the most connected car on sale when it is launched in April, with very fast access to iPhone files.”
“Owners who are tech savvy or ‘digital natives’ will choose cars with connectivity and a screen, but functions will be controlled through a mobile device.”
Asked whether the system will work with future versions of the iPhone, Lamberti acknowledged Apple’s new technology isn’t always compatible with older devices, he said: “We will work with Apple to minimise this, but consumers know this can be a problem.”
There are also plans to extend the service to other mobile operating systems: “We can’t ignore other devices. The next step is to develop a version for Android and Windows-based mobiles.”
The new iPhone integration system will be rolled-out to the B-Class and C-Class later this year.


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