BeSafe iZi Turn B child car seat review

The new iZi Turn B is the latest child car seat from Scandinavian specialist BeSafe, and can be used up to four years of age

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4.0 out of 5


Simple to use and packed with safety features, the BeSafe iZi Turn B is the perfect car seat for the early years of your child's life. It's not cheap, but it's a quality and well designed product that will ensure your little one is comfortable regardless of the length of journey.

The BeSafe iZi Turn B is suitable for children from birth up to the age of about four with a maximum weight of 18kg, and from 40cm to 105cm in height. Children are able to sit in a rear facing position up to 88cm, and then forward facing from then onwards.

Installation is extremely easy using standard Isofix technology although, even before consulting the instructions, the iZi Turn B is very straightforward and easy to operate on intuition and common sense alone if you've operated a child’s car seat before. Setting it up is a painless and stress free affair.

BeSafe’s “universal level technology” allows the iZi Turn B to sit at a 45-degree angle irrespective of the angle of your car's rear bench and comes with a built in spirit level positioned at the top of the support leg, which helps guide you to achieve the desired position. This feature is great as, due to the level positioning of the seat, it allows you to make sure that you apply equal pressure on the arm straps when securing your child.

Safety is obviously the key focus for any car seat and once you go through the list that the iZi Turn B comes loaded with, you can see your child is in a safe place should the worst happen while you are out on the road.

The “baby shell” and “baby-secure swivel” allow the seat to be used from the birth. The former acts as an extra side wall keeping baby even safer, while the “baby-secure swivel” makes sure that the seat can only be used rear facing until your child is big enough for the seat to be adapted for a front facing position. There's also a “new born hugger”, which adds extra support and allows your baby to lie flatter to increase comfort.

Plus, BeSafe’s next-level side impact protection, called “dynamic force absorber”, consists of an innovative design construction beneath the fabric top layer, all of which comply with UN regulation no R129 i-Size.

Overall, the BeSafe iZi Turn B is a brilliantly packaged and a simple to use product, which leaves you feeling confident about the comfort and safety of your child whether on a long motorway haul or a short trip to the shops.

It's on the expensive side at around £500, but you're paying for the Scandinavian design and quality that BeSafe is renowned for. Plus, the iZi Turn B can rotate and grow with your child, so saves the need to buy multiple seats until they reach four years of age. 

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