New Master Z.E. and updated Kangoo Z.E to boost Renault's electric van charge

Renault reveals new electric Master Z.E and revised Kangoo Z.E vans at the Brussels Motor Show

Renault has revealed two new commercial EVs at the Brussels motor show in the form of a revised Kangoo Z.E and the all-new Master Z.E – a battery powered version of the firm’s large panel van. 

The Kangoo van Z.E has been Europe’s best-selling electric commercial vehicle over the last six years, with more than 25,000 units now on the roads. This updated version introduces new battery and motor technology for improved range, plus new charging tech and connected services.

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With a 33kWh battery pack, Renault claims a range of 168 miles on the New European driving Cycle (NEDC) for the Kangoo, compared to the claimed 106-mile range of its predecessor.

The denser battery pack is joined by a new electric motor. The 44kW motor develops around 59bhp, and is derived from the R75/90 motor found in the Zoe – Renault’s electric supermini.

New charging technology cuts the amount of time it takes to top the Kangoo Z.E up. The van is equipped with new-generation 7kW AC charging architecture, and a full charge now takes around six hours from a 7kW wall box – a marked improvement on the eight-hour charge time of the older van with its shorter range. 22 miles of juice can be added in an hour’s charging time.

The new Kangoo Z.E also gets a heat pump linked to the air conditioning for better range in cold climates. A network of new connectivity features allow drivers to view charging point locations on the van’s navigation system, with real time updates regarding availability. The new Kangoo Z.E will arrive on the European market in late 2017.

New Renault Master Z.E arrives

The all-new Master Z.E is a large van Renault is aiming at fleets running last-mile distribution services in cities and urban areas. It also makes use of a 33kWh battery pack, mated to the R75 battery inherited from the Zoe. The 57kW motor develops the equivalent of 75bhp, good for a top speed of 71mph – though the speed can be limited depending on customer needs. 

The Master Z.E comes with a claimed all-electric range of 124 miles, and again a full charge takes around six hours from a 7kW wall box.

Four versions of the Master Z.E will be available, including three lengths and two heights – L1H1, L2H2 and L3H2. A flatbed L3 version will also go on sale.

Despite the addition of the electric powertrain, load space in any Master Z.E is no different to the room you’ll find in conventionally powered versions of the van. Renault has yet to reveal when the Master Z.E will go on sale in the UK. 

Do you think electric vans wil catch on with UK businesses? Let us know in the comments section below...


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