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Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2

Podium finishes across board swept newcomer to victory

New-for-2011 Asymmetric 2 scored highly in most tests. And while it won none of them, a series of podium finishes was more than enough to take the overall victory.

Wet or dry, the Goodyear was always a contender – apart from in our lateral aquaplaning test, where the Michelin was a class apart. On the wet track, it inspired confidence with impressive lateral grip and felt secure even when the rear moved around. You can keep pushing this tyre – and its wet road confidence was backed up by podiums for braking and cornering, and fourth in straight aquaplaning.

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Yet while we expect Goodyear to do well in the wet, its ability in the dry is a surprise. It turns in sharply and hangs on well, albeit needing more lock than rivals.

Some Goodyear tyres have struggled on fuel economy, but the Asymmetric 2 ranks second. Only cabin noise let it down, but it wasn’t far behind the best.

While Pirelli had the edge in the wet, the Goodyear turned the tables in the other tests to secure the win.

Our verdict

Impressive all-rounder that is an excellent choice for any conditions.

On test…ScoreRanking
Wet braking96.2%2nd
Wet handling98.8%=3rd
Wet cornering98.7%3rd
Straight aquaplaning96.4%4th
Curved aquaplaning74.8%6th
Dry braking99.3%3rd
Dry handling99.6%=2nd
Rolling resistance98.5%2nd
Cabin noise98.6%=7th



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