New 94g/km Honda Civic

2 Nov, 2012 3:47pm Luke Madden

Ultra-efficient Honda Civic 1.6 i-DTEC will go on sale in January, with prices starting from £19,400

Honda has announced that a new 1.6-litre i-DTEC diesel engine will join the Civic line-up from January 2013, boasting CO2 emissions of just 94g/km.

The new engine produces 118bhp and 300Nm of torque and comes paired with a six-speed manual gearbox. As well as emitting just 94g/km of CO2, it’s also capable of 78.5mpg.

Buyers can order the new engine in SE, ES or range-topping EX trim. The level of equipment is the same as any other Civic, but 1.6 i-DTEC models get newly designed 16-inch alloy wheels.

SE cars get electric windows and air-conditioning, while ES models get extras like cruise control. Opt for EX trim and luxuries like sat-nav and leather upholstery are thrown in.

First deliveries of the Civic 1.6 i-DTEC are in January 2013. Prices start from £19,400 for entry-level SE models, with mid-range ES cars costing £20,595 and range-topping EX variants costing £23,175.

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"SE cars get electric windows and air-conditioning"

Electric windows and air conditioning?

So, cutting edge technology, then. How on earth did Honda think of that?

too expensive!!

The Civic is expensive no question about that however getting 300nm of torque and 78.5mpg from the same 1.6 litre engine is incredible.The 2.2 D4d Toyota Avensis I had in 2010 had 310nm.The R+D on this engine is super impressive.

If their reliability has increased from the previous version i think this is a great car to have, when compared to other hatchbacks.

Just 'cos AutoExpress chose to mention those 2 items from the features list!! It not what Honda are pluging. Actually if you compare like for like you will find that most Honda's have more features than the equivilent mainstream model where they are cost options.

for anyone who says this car is TOO EXPENSIVE.....
CONSIDER THIS, my experience with my 1G Honda Insight which I have put 160K mi on since buying it used in the U.S. where gas has been approx. avg $3.50 over the past 4 years.

Previous car approx. 25mpg
160K mi / 25mpg = 6,400 G of gas
6,400 G x $3.50/G = $22,400 is what I would have spent on gas.

160K mi Driven in Insight approx 60mpg
160Kmi / 60mpg = 2,667 G of gas
2,667 G x $3.50/G = $9,333 actually spent on gas in INSIGHT.
$22,400 - $9,333 = $13,067 in SAVINGS on gas.

NOW consider upping that MPG to 78MPG!!!
is it really not worth the investment??? $13,067!!!