Best indoor car covers 2019

We pick from eight indoor car covers to protect your car from dust and dings in the garage

If you’ve got a cherished classic or weekend sports car, you’ll want to keep it in the garage for safety. However, it’s not as safe as you’d think; apart from the obvious dangers of being bumped and banged by bikes, lawnmowers and trips to the freezer, it’s under attack from the scratchy particles contained in dust, as well as humidity, and possibly inquisitive pets. Even UV rays can fade paintwork if your garage has a window or skylight. 

All this makes a good car cover a wise investment. It should protect against moisture ingress, but at the same time be breathable to prevent damp building up on the paintwork. Ideally, it should also be thick enough to offer some bump protection without being too cumbersome to fit and remove; layer density is usually measured in gsm – grams per square metre.

If you share a storage space with other car owners, the facility for a security cable is also a good idea. So which is the cover to protect your cherished motor? We unfolded eight to find out.

Top of the list was bump protection – a big cause of indoor damage. This was measured via a drop test through each cover, and played a greater part in the overall rating than in our 2015 test. We also assessed tether/security straps, storage bags, mirror pockets, quality, ease of fitting and car coverage.

How we tested them

To test breathability, we put the cover over a steam-filled box with a moisture trap above for five minutes. To check water ingress, we sprayed the outside and checked underneath after five minutes. The final factor was the price of the cover for our 2007 Renault Clio test car.


Our results were very close. The Concours isn’t the cheapest here, but it is the best fit and best-specified for virtually any situation. If cash is tight and you require little bump protection, the Cosmos is the best budget buy, while the Richbrook and Morethanpolish scored identically for a balance between performance and price.

  1. 1.         Concours Luxor Premium
  2. 2.         Cosmos Indoor Car Cover
  3. =3.       Richbrook Super Soft Perfect Fit
  4. =3.       Morethanpolish Satin Soft Stretch


Concours Luxor Premium Indoor Car Cover

Price: Around £109Contact: 5 stars

Our favourite, not least because of the attractive, anti-UV satin finish. We liked the mirror pockets and twin tethers that helped keep it in position. There are central holes for fitting an optional security cable – important if you lack private storage. Size options are specific from MINI to Rolls-Royce, although the only colour is black. At 3.3kg it’s the heaviest here, but it’s thick, protective, and was the best in our knock test. Breathability was good and the fit the best on test. It’s pricier than some rivals, though.

Buy now from Concour  

Cosmos Indoor Car Cover

Price: Around £45Contact: www.comotpro.comRating: 4.5 stars

Available in four sizes and two colours – blue or red – the Cosmos is a stretch cover in breathable polyester and comes in a zip-up bag. With elasticated sections front and rear it fitted our Clio well, although we could have done with a little more depth down the sides. The lightest here at only 2.1kg, it was easy to fit and, being 130gsm, was great on the steam tests. By definition, the trade-off for being such thin material was that it didn’t offer such good bump protection. But its price is its trump card and, if you can live with the limitations, it’s hard to resist.

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Richbrook Super Soft Perfect Fit Indoor Car Cover

Price: Around £99Contact: 4.5 stars

Richbrook leads on price, as this is great for a 180gsm lycra-blended satin-finish cover with two zip-up bags. The knock resistance was good and we liked the fit, which came well down the wheels with elasticated panels. The maker claims to have tailored blue, black or red covers for 125 cars. On test, the cover looked, felt and performed like the Morethanpolish, and was the same price. We found choosing virtually impossible.

Buy now from Richbrook 

Morethanpolish Satin Soft Stretch Indoor Car Cover

Price: Around £99Contact: www.morethanpolish.comRating: 4.5 stars

Another satin-finish cover for an upmarket look, with Scotchgard to shrug off water and bead the damp away. Four colours in five sizes are offered, and this 180gsm cover is thick and soft, offering plenty of protection for the paint as well as good knock resistance. While there are no mirror pockets or tethers, and the cover could have been a little longer, the elasticated front and rear pulled it into place. Impressively high spec at a reasonable price.

Buy now from More Than Polish

Hamilton Classic Supertex Universal Car Cover

Price: Around £99Contact: 4 stars

The outer construction is similar to the Sealey’s but with a soft, non-scratch lining. The cover comes in only three colours but 30 size options. Despite having no mirror pockets the fit was really good, the elasticated panels went far down and the cover stayed level. Drawstring and zip bags are provided, breathability on test was good, and water-repellent and UV-resistant qualities would make it ideal for use in a car port.

Buy now from Hamilton Classic

Classic Additions Super Soft Stretch Indoor Car Cover

Price: Around £147Contact: www.classicadditions.comRating: 3.5 stars

One of two with mirror pockets for easy fitting. An elasticated front and rear made for a nice fit, too. Rated at 190gsm-plus and weighing 3kg, this soft, thick cover gave serious knock protection, but wasn’t quite up with the best on breathability. We liked the satin finish, fleece lining, nine sizes and five colours, but the price can’t be ignored.

Buy now from Classic Additions

Sealey Three-Layer All-Seasons Car Cover SCCM

Price: Around £58Contact: 3.5 stars

Sealey says this is for indoor and outdoor use, adding to the cover’s versatility. It was about mid-range in our breathability test and the best for preventing water ingress. While thick enough to be practical, we’d have preferred it to be a little softer inside, and its bump resistance wasn’t as good as some. Choice is limited to S, M, L, and grey is the only colour. The two tethers held it in place and the fit was good, if a bit long.

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Metex Indoor Car Dust Cover

Price: Around £46Contact: 3.5 stars

Effectively a dust sheet rather than a semi-tailored cover. It’s thicker than most, weighing in at 2.7kg, and was up with the best for knock protection. Breathability was average, but the cover would have looked smarter with elasticated sections. A lack of tethers meant we also found it easy to dislodge. We would’ve liked a bag, too, as it was bulky to store, but its price has to be considered, being one of the cheapest here.

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