Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Track Performance pack announced

Q-branch provides Aston Martin Valkyrie customers with a set of track-focused bolt-ons which promise eight per cent quicker lap times

Aston Martin has announced an AMR Track Performance pack for the Valkyrie hypercar, providing customers with a set of interchangeable parts to optimise the car’s performance on the race track. 

Bolt-ons include a new, more aerodynamically-efficient front clamshell, an entire second set of exterior panels, lightweight titanium brakes, track-focused suspension and a set of lightweight alloys with carbon-fibre aero-discs.

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Other options include a range of personalised pit-garage equipment, personalised race suits and a choice of three AMR livery designs.

Aston Martin has also announced a list of personalisation options for road-going Valkyries, including an exposed carbon fibre roof, a black exhaust, titanium Aston Martin badging and the choice of several exclusive Valkyrie colours (such as Slipstream Green, Liquid Petroleum, Ethanol Silver and Maximum Orange).

The Q by Aston Martin “Gold Pack” features a 24-carat gold leaf livery laid under the paint lacquer. Meanwhile, the “Mokume Carbon Fibre” option pack replaces the Valkyrie’s sidepod vanes, headlight bodies, central interior vent, armrest and steering wheel fascia with carbon fibre units. 

Aston says that with all the track options fitted the Valkyrie will set, approximately, eight per cent quicker lap times than a version without the pack. However, no pricing for the Track Pack has been announced.

Inside, customers can spec a wide range of Alcantara colours, patterns and finishes, along with six colour choices for the harnesses and three colour choices for the switchgear. A further “Q” pack adds the option of all-titanium switchgear. 

Aston Martin’s Executive Vice President & Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman said: “We are really pushing the boundaries to match the dreams of our customers. Every single element of this hypercar, including its performance, can be personalised.”

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