Bentley Bentayga Fly Fishing by Mulliner is a real catch

Bentley's new Bentayga SUV brings luxury to the riverbank, thanks to Fly Fishing edition built by coachbuilder Mulliner

The Bentley Bentayga might be more Chelsea Tractor than carp catcher, but the posh SUV has now answered a question some are obviously asking: how can fly fishing be made a little bit more luxurious?

The Bentayga Fly Fishing edition has been created by Bentley's in-house coachbuilding division Mulliner, which has installed a hand crafted fly fishing set trimmed in wood and leather. It provides storage for all the tools you could possibly need for a fruitful day at the river.

Four rods clad in special leather trimmed tubes sit under the parcel shelf, above landing nets in matching leather bags stored in carpet-trimmed pockets in the boot side. Three individual, saddle-leather-trimmed units sit at the heart of the setup – a 'master tackle station' with a sliding tray, a refreshment case and a waterproof wader stowage trunk.

That station houses a Burr Walnut veneered drawer containing fly-tying vice and tools, as well as a selection of hooks, feathers and cottons. As you would expect, the refreshment case contains a set of Mulliner fine-china tableware and metal flasks, perfect for when you need a break from reeling them in. All three units can be removed from the Bentayga’s boot, giving maximum luggage space back.

For those fearing a fishy hue could detract from the smell of diamond quilted leather, Bentley provides a handy electronic dehumidifier unit to ensure your favourite hobby doesn’t sully the Bentayga's interior. Further protection comes in the form of rear-sill protection covers and a waterproof boot-floor.

Exclusive to the Fly Fishing by Mulliner edition, welcome lights project Bentley and Mulliner logos onto the ground when the doors are opened. Customers can even specify any personal logo or graphic projection - Finding Nemo anyone?

So how much does this ultimate angling accessory cost? The Fly Fishing by Mulliner addition asks for an extra £80,000 on top of the standard Bentayga. Yes, you read that right...

Do you fly fish? Do you own a Bentley Bentayga? Would you combine the two? Let us know below...


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