Toyota Auris v Honda Civic v Ford Focus v VW Golf - specifications

 Toyota AurisHonda CivicFord FocusVW Golf
On the road price/total as tested"£13,995/£14,320""£15,950/£16,325""£15,095/£17,925""£15,135/£17,315"
"Residual value (after 3yrs/36,000)"N/A"£7,576/47.5 per cent""£5,162/34.2 per cent""£7,825/51.7 per cent"
Contract hire per monthN/A£296£243£279
Annual tax liability std/higher rate"£616/£1,120""£596/£1,084""£597/£1,086""£666/£1,210"
Running costs (pence per mile)N/A41.836.447.9
Ins. group/quote 5/N/A9/£3326/£3316/£314
Cost of 1st/2nd/3rd serviceN/A£150/£260/£150£136/£136/£194£145/£145/£260
Length/wheelbase "4,220/2,600mm""4,245/2,635mm""4,342/2,640mm""4,204/2,578mm"
Engine"4cyl in-line/1,598cc""4cyl in-line/1,799cc ""4cyl in-line/1,596cc""4cyl in-line/1,598cc "
Peak power"122/6,000 bhp/rpm""138/6,300 bhp/rpm""113/6,000 bhp/rpm""113/6,000 bhp/rpm"
Peak torque"157/5,200 Nm/rpm""174/4,300 Nm/rpm""155/4,150 Nm/rpm""155/4,000 Nm/rpm"
Transmission"5-spd, man/fwd""6-spd, man/fwd""5-spd, man/fwd""6-spd, man/fwd"
Fuel tank capacity/spare wheel 55 litres/space saver50 litres/repair kit55l/s-saver (full £30)55 litres/space saver
Boot capacity (seats up/down)354/761litres"485/1,352 litres""385/1,247 litres""350/1,305 litres"
Kerbweight/payload/towing weight"1,260/490/1,300kg""1,288/462/1,400kg""1,285/451/1,200kg""1,359/411/1,200kg"
Turning circle/drag coefficient10.4 metres/0.29Cd10.9 metres/0.33Cd10.4 metres/0.32Cd10.9 metres/0.32Cd
Basic warranty/recovery"3yrs (60,000)/1yr RAC""3yrs (90,000)/3yrs AA""3yrs (60,000)/1yr RAC""3yrs (60,000)/1yr VW"
Service intervals/UK dealers "10,000 miles/181""12,500 miles/198""12,500 miles/714"Variable miles/255
0-60mph9.8 secs8.5 secs10.5 secs10.1 secs
30-70 thru gears 9.3 secs8.2 secs10.3 secs10.2 secs
30-50 in 3rd/4th 5.9/9.0 secs5.6/7.3 secs6.4/8.9 secs6.0/8.8 secs
50-70 in 5th/6th 14.1 secs/N/A11.1/16.1 secs15.8 secs/N/A secs12.3/14.8 secs
Top speed 118mph127mph117mph119mph
Braking 70-0/60-0/30-0mph 49.0/35.9/8.8 metres48.6/35.4/8.5 metres47.0/34.4/8.6 metres50.2/36.7/9.4 metres
Noise levels outside/idle/30/70mph59/38/64/71dB56/41/61/70dB62/44/63/70dB62/40/63/71dB
Auto Express economy/range31.3mpg/379 miles36.0mpg/396 miles32.3mpg/391 miles36.6mpg/443 miles
Govt urban/extra-urban/combined 31.4/47.9/39.8mpg34.4/52.3/44.1mpg32.5/55.4/43.8mpg31.7/50.4/41.5mpg
CO2 emissions/tax bracket166g/km/20 per cent152g/km/17 per cent155g/km/18 per cent168g/km/20 per cent
Airbags/Isofix/parking/rain sensorsNine/yes/£495/noSix/yes/£475/yesSix/yes/£200/yesFour/yes/£315/yes
Air-con/clim ctrl/leather/heat. seatsYes/no/no/noYes/yes/no/no"N/£1,600/£1,600 ""Y/£695/£1,645/£1,645§"
Alloy wheels/met paint/xenon lightsYes/£325/noYes/£375/noYes/£350/£500Yes/£365/£750
Auto gearbox/stability/cruise control£550/£350/no£700/yes/yesNo/£250/no"£1,340/yes/yes"
Elec sunroof/windows/folding mirrorsNo/yes/noNo/yes/yes£500/yes/no£515/yes/£110
Multifunc steering/adjust reach/rakeYes/yes/yesYes/yes/yesNo/yes/yesYes/yes/yes
Sat-nav & CD changer/MP3/BluetoothNo/£450£450No/no/yes"£1,050/£200/£525""£1,580/£275/£230"


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